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Why The Tragedy In Greece Can Benefit Investors

What? How?? You are kidding right... Well, the truth is I am not. When you read the news about the ecnomy of Greece and their massive debt, you quickly went to your stock portfolio and checked to see how it hurt your stocks. Without a doubt, most of you did and this probably something smilar to what you saw.

FB Price Chart

Let's use Facebook as an example, the stock fell quickly, but in a few days it went back up to a price it was once trading at. So what I am trying to say is, do not feel scared or worried, when days like these occur when your stocks can be down. Rather look at the upside that you should invest in a stock that you always wanted to, because it fell and you know that it will go up. Regardless of whether you do a techinical analysis or fundamental analysis, at the end of the day you know what the stock should be trading at, and if it falls too low, it is the right time to buy. So my advice is this, next time you hear some crazy econmic news on the radio or on CNN, be aware that perhaps that could be the best time to buy a stock.

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