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Medical Marijuana Inc. in Forbes

In Forbes online, Rachel Ehrenfeld's article about ObamaCare's Medical Marijuana mentions Medical Marijuana Inc.'s payment and tax remittance solution. Here is an excerpt.........

Since Obama took office, "medical marijuana" dispensary owners in some of the 15 states where it's legal, or tolerated, report requests "climbed sky high." Medical Marijuana, Inc. ( MJNA.PK - news - people ), an Oregon-based company, which has been traded on the Nasdaq since April of 2009, offers solutions for this emerging industry. Its Web site claims that "the number of ailing people turning to medical marijuana to ease their symptoms has spiked in 2009. Requests have jumped anywhere from 50% to 300%."

A revenue collection system is already in place to ensure the tax revenues for the states that allow "medical marijuana." The system, developed by Medical Marijuana, Inc., boasts, "The Stored Value Platform System, a point-of-sale system, is a hallmark element of Medical Marijuana's business solutions package." The company has already signed on many marijuana collectives, and lobbies heavily to sign on the City of Oakland, Calif., which is the first city in the nation that voted in favor of collecting tax proceeds from marijuana sale, "as part of the solution to Oakland's longstanding budget shortfall."          click the following link to read the full article.........

The stock has held steady inspite of some lows. The company has now hired a firm to begin the process of moving it to the OTCBB. I still say this is a good investment (OTCPK:MJNA) as they are still the only ones offering this type of solution. Hard work has brought them a number of new dispensaries to use the system.

Check out the companies activities on their official website: