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Optimistic Forecasts For JPMorgan Chase

|Includes: JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM)

Despite the fact that major American banks are yet to restore the confidence lost over the last couple of years, it is obvious that the biggest players are once again thriving. J.P. Morgan Chase appears to be one of the best investments for 2013, now that the economy finally shows some signs of improvement. The last round of quantitative easing caused the stocks of many banks to surge, so it is pretty difficult for binary options traders to find the best performing once. Here are some of the reasons for why J.P. Morgan Chase stands out from the crowd.

Buying back shares pays off on the long run

Investors have to see the prospect of significantly increased earnings that the program of buying back shares will deliver in three years. J.P. Morgan Chase intends to buyback shares worth almost $10 billion, and if the housing recovery continues the bank's profits will skyrocket.

Financial crisis come and go, but with the population growing at a steady rate of almost 3 millions each year, the need for more houses is permanent. Right now it is the high unemployment rate and lingering doubts that prevent the housing industry from returning to its former glory. With J.P. Morgan Chase having one of the most competitive lending divisions of all major American banks, the recovery will help them offset most of the losses suffered over the course of four years.

Expected growth of almost 50% for 2013

Binary options traders who don't mind keeping their money apparently stuck for slightly longer periods of times, should consider JPM spoke above anything else. The stock has constantly appreciated and now stands at about $45 per share, but if the existing trends endure, values of $60 per share are not far-fetched. While the domestic market shows some positive signs, J.P. Morgan Chase is also very active beyond borders and is on a constant expansion.

They need to deal with strong competition, highly regulated markets and a very different economic environment but if there is one American bank who can succeed, then this is it. With a market capitalization of more than $170 billion, has enough liquidity to meet the increasingly strict regulations something that most of its competitors can't brag about. Last but not least, investors should remember that J.P. Morgan Chase has the advantage of being the one doing the banking for the U.S. Treasury.