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What A Steel! – Thursdays With Investment U

Written by Jeannette Di Louie, Assistant Editor

While worries plague Wall Street today, thanks to bad news from the UK and a rise in jobless claims, neither of which should have surprised us considering all of the indicated data leading up to both announcements.

Still, people were desperate to believe that a happy ending had already begun, so that’s what they focused on… the “better-than-exp... quarterly results instead of the actual, abysmal numbers; the nine banks that didn’t need to raise more capital instead of the ten that did; and the pretty words made by government officials instead of their actions.

But now that investors are biting into more negative sentiment doesn’t mean you can’t disagree with them yet again. Britain may see its debt rating downgraded from stable to negative, and our own employment situation is a royal mess, but you can still make a profit if you only know where to look…

Options Transactions Signaling Steel Resurgence

Jeannette Di Louie

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