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Temptations While Trading

Traders will face many temptations while trading.It can be overcome after reading these series of articles.Definitely certain dedication towards few points and patience will make you overcome these temptations.

  • Suppose you are having a $100,000 balance in your bank account.what will you do with that amount.will you go on buying spree or you buy things when there is an appropriate need ?
  • Obviously you spend your bank balance when there is a need
  • This scenario reverses with the traders in financial markets.Once they have a balance in their trading account,many traders will buy or sell something within first few minutes of market opening.
  • Aren't they well organized personally or not taking care of their families properly ?
  • Answer is No,However capable we are but temptations penetrate our mind to do something in market irrespective of the age and designation or whatever the extent one may successful in their respective fields.
  • Why is it different so ? why one can't manage their temptations while live prices are updating on the screen
  • Taming and timing in the markets are important.We will further discuss in coming weeks.Keep sharing