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Do Nikesh Arora And Bonderman Rely On Lagarde As Their Deluxe Salesperson?

The Economist article's title: "Another Greek Tragedy" exposes how public organizations are servicing the private debt, even if totally illegitimate.

The story of the looting of the Greek telecom company WIND Hellas seems to be a perfect and vivid example on how US investment funds target good companies to create the perfect jackpot through massive debt creation: USD 1,7bn. Exactly the sum that Greece is urged to reimburse to the IMF by the end of the month of June 2015.

Such capital predation still seems to be allowed, especially in the mind of these kinds of 80's style tycoons who just destroy working capital for massive private gains. But then, who is paying the bill? Through the Greek debt restructuring, it is easy to guess that at least part of such a loot has already been repayed to the private investors who fell into the fascination of the easy money: the funds siphoned more than 6 times their initial investment by debt leverage according to the Economist article (sued by APAX by the way).

Even if these business practices shall be condemned, here comes the first class sales rep to force Greece to repay a debt created by US funds: as usual, Mrs Lagarde is acting with the taxpayer's money as if it was private capital and knows who to charm in order to guarantee her place among the pantheon of international finance. It might be the moment, after a tax fraudster's witch hunt, that the states refuse to bear these kinds of financial liabilities created by private greed and stupidity.