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MDabbles: Daily Log and Journal for 9/25/09


Thursday Evening, 9/24/09

As I write futures are down, and markets across the globe look down. My market candle scans look just like the prior two scans, overwhelmingly bearish – no need to publish.

If we finish down tomorrow, that will be three consecutive days of downside. We are currently down 2.1 % from the high of 9918 on Wednesday. It seems like a lot more than that, doesn’t it?

So the question is, if we are in a pullback, how far will it go and how long will  it last? I’ll let you decide by looking at these charts, but the magic numbers in my mind are: -2.9 %, -6.3 %, – 7.9 %



nyse mclellan.


DJI 1.



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