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Green waves?

Dry Bulk carriers were not our Forte, but Barron's has 2 insiders buys this stock so I had it reviewed by a friend who said she liked the Chart. Considering, that its still down over 85% from its highs, and the last qrtly had a comment that it looked like things were "improving", its worth a Gander.

Our optimal target is $20. Jim Kingsfield used to promote this Carrier because of its route location. Things have changed since then so this has to be taken with a Caveat. I'll have to see how IVN does this week, a Trade could be in the Offing.

The Barrons' Insider Index is back in Bullish Territory but the Sentiment Index looks to be rising, The Public is getting back in, which is good and bad. Good because of Upside buying Pressure, Bad because, as usual, they are late to the Party.

If the Public is really getting back in, the first few days of September will see Buying Pressure as Mutual Funds will see an inflow of cash which they will have to utilize.

Just an opinion, DD on TBSI.

One other thing, Markets tend to do the Opposite of expectations.
Everybody and their Mother's Uncle is expecting a Crash in Sept/Oct.