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Rare Earth Metals

Not enough focus on this Sector. Probably because its "Rare" .

The Following link should "shiver your Timbers" and give Pause to our Technological Futures, If our Country keeps expecting the Rest of the world to not only Finance us but also to provide our Materials for growth just because we ask. The Following link is self explanatory:

I just received it and have not had time to fully appreciate its significance.

Hell, I hadn't expected this much of a "shot across the Bow", I knew the Chinese were accumulating and reducing Rare Earth exports, But Not By This much.

Another story:

I read that China has stockpiled around 50% of the World's Indium supply and plans to keep it Off the market until prices go up. I didn't bother with that link, I'm going to a company specific article instead:

China is at it on the more Mundane front as well: