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SA ToU effective Aug 2nd, 2009

If you haven't read it, you should.

Its probably twice as long and detailed as its predecessor.

But the gist of it comes down to "that The Only Rules" are the Ones SeekingAlpha wants to enforce.

Even if a Rule has been clearly and distinctly violated, they can choose to ignore the Violation or If No Rule has been broken they can still eliminate you, your comments, whatever they want since they do not have to justify anything to anyone, and, if they wish, they can change the ToU to include whatever they want whenever they want without prior notification to include whatever you said that very day, Grandfathering? It doesn't exist.

The Constitution doesn't exist, Freedom of Speech does not exist, you are presumed Guilty. There are no appeals. They are Judge, Jury and Firing Squad all roled into one.

The Constitution Does Exist and there Are Federal Laws. One of them Is presumption of Innocence. Let's see how the ToU, as worded flies in a Federal Court.