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A significant breakthrough in Fuel Cell technology seen share prices sore over 2000% last week, this week sellers have dominated as would be expected after such a huge rally. This selling is purely profit taking nothing more, the breakthrough was last week, no they have not moved to the Nasdaq or Signed a Multi Billion Dollar Military contract, the breakthrough was a week ago, there is far more to this company than just your average pink.

Shareholders include Intel, Novellus and the Office of Naval Research has funded development, the NPWS board includes one of the world senior bankers. $3 is a fair and conservative target on this one.


NexHorizon Communications, Inc. (Pink Sheets:NXHZ)  announced that it has executed a Letter of Intent to form a Mexican owned subsidiary to acquire the assets of Cable California, S.A. de C.V. providing cable television and high speed Internet services to residents in Tijuana, Mexico, and providing a gateway into Central America. The 750 MHz fiber network is currently serving subscribers with voice, video and data in the Eastern suburbs of Tijuana. NexHorizon is building 1200 miles of fiber for its cable systems in Chula Vista and National City, California, on the Mexican border, adjacent to Tijuana, Mexico, creating the opportunity to combine the two networks to deliver faster Internet speeds, and Inter-country digital phone and data service. The Tijuana concession has approximately 15 years remaining on a 30 year renewable concession.Cable California, an entity organized under the laws of the United States of Mexico was granted a concession from the Mexican government to construct and operate one of Latin America's largest fiber-optic networks, a 750-mhz network providing high-speed Internet, telephony, data and multi-channel cable television to residents and businesses.

Yes, Cable California could become one of the largest fiber-optic networks in Mexico, NXHZ should see at least $1.


Archer Asia alone values AEMC at $2.50, hardly any stock on the market Buzz is the JV partner at Archer Asia and is going to increase its stake in AEMC.


GFGU staff include Ask.coms founder, a Senior Google Exec and Staff from AOL, if you read or see the promo videos on YouTube there is little left to explain, this is going to be a huge iPhone and Smartphone Search, its release will see prices return above $2.


Add this to you watch list and do some DD.


Today China again started bashing the USD again, as we know no one does this without some financial motivation, the only question is what is there objective. China owns HUGE amounts of USD and HUGE amounts of Gold. I can see only 2 reasons for the bashing, 1 They want more USD, 2 They want a Global Reserve Currency that is Gold Backed.

I believe the second is most likely China's USD attacks are aimed at a massive gain in there Gold Reserves, but there is always a chance they are simply making the call with the best wishes of their fellow man at heart, in Australia we refer to that as Buckley's chance.