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Intel and Novellus Backed NEAH is Second Fuel Cell Breakthrough

|Includes: Intel Corporation (INTC), NVLS-OLD


NEAH Power Systems, Inc. (OTCBB:NPWS), the Company developing fuel cells for the military and portable electronic devices, announced today that it has achieved yet another major breakthrough with the demonstration of an air based fuel cell for aerobic applications. This system, when fully developed, is expected to have higher energy density than any incumbent direct methanol anaerobic fuel cell available today, and could enable NEAH to pursue various additional consumer markets.

Neah Power stand out as a potential major supplier of this technology, the big name investors in NPWS like Intel (NASDAQ:INTC), The Office of Naval Research, and Novellus Systems (NVLS) bring with them far more than the needed research funds, all 3 offer instant, global distribution. Intel and Novellus offer direct sales channels into 90% of the worlds Devices manufacturers from Mobile Phones to Laptops. An Intel or Novellus marketed Fuel Cell would instantly become a multi billion dollar seller and the industry standard, this and a successful test separates Neah Power from the rest of the industry, proven technology combined with a clear distribution method.

"This technology is differentiated in performance and architecture," said Dr. Chris D'Couto, NEAH's President and Chief Executive Officer, "in that it combines NEAH's unique liquid electrolyte and 3D silicon electrode technology, with the manifold inherent benefits in cost and manufacturability of integrated circuit manufacturing, with proton conduction membrane for proton conduction and gas liquid separation. In so doing, NEAH has created the first hybrid electrolyte fuel cell achieving gains over either liquid or solid electrolyte technology. Our micro fuel cells may eventually replace batteries for most uses."

On June 25th 2009, NEAH revealed it had successfully tested an anaerobic (or non-air breathing) direct methanol fuel cell which was primarily funded by the Office of Naval Research.

About NEAH Power

NEAH Power Systems, Inc. (NPWS) is developing long-lasting, efficient and safe power solutions for the military and for portable electronic devices. NEAH uses a unique, patented, silicon-based design for its micro fuel cells that enable higher power densities, lower cost and compact form-factors. The company's micro fuel cell system can run in aerobic and anaerobic modes.