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New Stock Fraud Scandal at Londons AFN

Mina Mar Group Inc (, a privately held Canadian company, is pleased to announce that the company was awarded a judgment and costs in its lawsuit that had commenced in Toronto Vs Investors Hub.Com chat board. This is a third favourable ruling in two separate jurisdictions (USA and Canada) where two different judges independently ruled in favour of Mina Mar.

Mina Mar President, Miro Zecevic, noted; "Just so that our readers are clear the main action where we seek over $4,000,000.00 in damages which we intend to evenly distribute to our clients, and their shareholders has not yet commenced. The stall commenced when the Defendant, Investors Hub began a vigorous opposition of the jurisdiction issue in Canada. To further complicate matters and in an effort to create a distraction and to inject sensationalism, Investors Hub commenced a separate action in Florida as a Plaintiff. The USA judge, refused to allow his court to be used as a circus by Investors Hub, and simply ordered that the action be dismissed and all subsequent motions deemed moot. In Canada, where Investors Hub fought the jurisdiction issue vigorously, and just several days before the long awaited and anticipated court date, Investors Hub simply chose not show up to court. Instead, Investors Hub sent a letter addressed to the judge that they were "throwing in the towel".

One has to question the motives of this Investorshub.Com and the stock basher posters. Approximately two weeks before the July 7 court date, we consulted with our clients and lobbied them to accept a make a settlement. An offer to settle called for Mina Mar and all of our clients having agreed to answer each and every allegation made against Mina Mar, the clients, and the clients officers to Investors Hub, and its critic posters. We agreed to do this notwithstanding that a USA judge ruled that neither we nor the clients are obligated to do so. We saw this as a great way to for once and for all put an end to the libellous and slanderous comments that are being made by these stock bashers. Once all the details were ironed out such as that all posts that are untrue, unfounded or unsubstantiated that all these posts be removed. Investors Hub made a claim that they cannot remove any posts without the posters approval, without a USA court order. This request notwithstanding that it is common practice of this board to delete any post they see fit and allow dark propaganda posts to flourish. Once we agreed to this additional USA court order request, Investors Hub simply walked away from settlement negotiations.

These actions speak volumes. We repeat our position that these posters dressed up as "shareholders" post false and malicious messages and pray on novice and unsuspecting readers. By doing so, they hope to erase years of hard work of principals, and the equity of small shareholders. They do this for their selfish and self serving reasons. We again extend our invitation for a settlement and resolution that is beneficial to all shareholders.

In the Canadian court order, Mina Mar was awarded over $13,000.00 in court costs, which must be paid immediately and/or before the courts will accept Investors Hub's defence. In the event the Investors Hub does not file a defence the law allows for Mina Mar to secure its original $4,000,000.00 in damages immediately. Enforcement actions on the existing orders are already underway."

Both USA and Canada judgements can be viewed by visiting this direct link. (Please note that due to the high number of visits and downloads this page may not display the content immediately. Our webmasters are addressing the issue with the web hosting company.)

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