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The Heffernan Group to Debut at Ebeling Heffernan Roadshow

The Heffernan Group is a conglomerate with a wide range of commercial activities and interests spanning five continents. Heffernan’s principal areas of operation are in the Asia Pacific region, and centre on the Greater China area. The company owns and operates a number of subsidiaries, is involved in Joint Ventures and Partnerships as well as being invested in many listed securities and private ventures. Among these Companies are Ebeling Heffernan, Archer Asia, Xirxi, Buzz, SplashScreen, Xtreme Developments and more. The Heffernan Group holds positions in over 80 listed companies to varying degrees as well as being invested in commodities and other derivative markets.

The activities of the wholly owned subsiduaries include, Financial Services, Media, Mining, Technology, Property and Shipping. Our Joint Venture companies include Ebeling Heffernan, Archer Asia, Asian Energy Inc and SplashSceen.

The company will debut at the Ebeling Heffernan Roadshow Event curently being held Asia.