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5 Star Market Sectors in this Recovery: 5 being the brightest.


Note: 1 Star: financial and technology issues are always the leader in the beginning of a Bull Run  Then they take a back seat to the other sectors.

5 Stars:  mining, agricultural, water, energy and alternative energy are the long-term in sectors that are involved with scarce resources and that have a positive supply/demand outlook in the future.

4 Stars: consumer staples, large energy companies.

3 Stars: industrial, utilities, medical and health care.

2 Stars: retail, media and consumer discretionary.

1 Star: financial and technology


Gold:  5 Stars. Gold is the insurance policy against financial market collapse.

Agricultural & Soft Commodities: 5 Stars.  Huge potential going forward as the supply/demand balance is positive in most of these commodities. Water and arable soil globally are become more and more precious. People will always need to eat, and they must drink water.

Energy:  4 Stars The long-term supply/demand outlook is extremely positive  as the world is running short of cheap, easily accessible energy.

Base Metals and other Precious Metals: 3 Stars. Reliant on industrial activity– the long-term trends in the emerging markets is positive