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New Fuel Cell 1000 hours and still running

Neah Power, NPWZ is one of the must own stocks on the Hot List. This company has made a major break through it what has become the Holy Grail of Fuel Cell technology. This month the company revealed that its fuel cell has been in continuous operation for more than 1000 hours without any mechanical or electrical failure or significant degradation in performance. Additionally, Neah has completed other extensive materials compatibility testing to successfully qualify cell components for long-term use. All materials have surpassed in excess of six months of exposure, with some materials in excess of two years of demonstrated compatibility.

“This represents a huge milestone for our disruptive fuel cell technology in our view. Our unique, IP protected, silicon based fuel cell technology has progressed from conception, to proof of concept, to prototype in a short period of time, as compared to the incumbent PEM technology. Our silicon based fuel cell has demonstrated higher power density than PEM technology, can operate with and without air, uses traditional chip manufacturing technology, and in volume production is expected to provide a very cost-effective solution. We are proud to use this disruptive technology to build products for Hobie Cat and EKO Vehicles, and other potential customers,” said Dr. Chris D’Couto, President and CEO.

This is very impressive technology in a market that will be worth $100 billion dollars a year in the near future.  Mike Selsman, one of the Neah Power directors addressed an audience in Bangkok that included representatives from the Ministry of Energy, GE, PTT (One of Asia Largest Oil Companies), Japanese consultants to the Auto Industry and leaders in the field of Mobile Technology. He delivered a powerful speach on behalf of Neah and their capabilities to bring a new form of energy to the market, he spoke of the impact the Fuel Cell could have on pollution in major Asian cities and of the opportunities that exist for local manufacturers to become involved in producing Fuel Cells for regional distribution.

During the discussions he assured listeners that the company was well advanced in relation to shifting exchanges. He stated clearly that the restructure was an important step for the company and that it will allow a smooth transition from a research company to a major international company. Currently Mr Selsman has requested that information on Neah be distributed to a number of attendees at the current ASEAN meeting in Thailand.

Several individuals have requested demonstrations and discussions that will take place at the series of “Ebeling Heffernan Presents” shows in Bangkok.

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