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TOMZ: Bangkok Post Reports Second Wave of A/H1N1 has Begun

On the eve of TOMZ’s second Thailand tour the Bangkok Post has reported that the second round of the A(H1N1) swine flu epidemic has begun, according to the Public Health Minister Witthaya Kaewparadai on Thursday.

The Public Health Ministry has launched a new campaign, Four to the Power of Four, to combat the resurgence of the virus.

“Health agencies in all provinces will implement measures to limit the spread of the disease fduring the four months from November to February,” the minister said.

“Students, people of the working, the elderly and people with chronic diseases will be closely watched. The ministry will promote four activities to eliminate germs and four measures will be enforced at management level.”

People should look after their health and follow the advice given by health officials.

“The government is considering buying 800,000 more doses of H1N1 vaccine, having already purchased two million doses from France,” he said.

Additionalsuplies of the  vaccine will be distributed to private hospitals where people can buy them, he said.

TOMZ will see residential and commercial units go onsale in Thailand in 2009.

In mid-September 2009, TOMI (OTCBB:TOMZNews), working with a leading East Coast hospital and a national premier hospital service group, employed its Ultra-D Hydrogen Peroxide based fogging system against challenge plates inoculated with Klebsiella bacteria and Geobacillus Stearothermophilus spores. These Pathogens are much more difficult to kill than MRSA, H1N1 (Swine flu) and C-Diff which are plaguing American schools and hospitals. Assured Biotechnology Labs developed the challenge plates, which is an AIHA accredited, EPA licensed and CDC Elite laboratory.

Klebsiella bacteria and Geobacillus Stearothemophilus spores were used to demonstrate the effectiveness of the Ultra-D technology against drug resistant and spore forming organisms such as MRSA, VRE and C-Diff. Challenge plates were strategically placed throughout the operating room and then exposed to thirty minutes of Ultra-D treatment.



The challenge plates were then incubated for seven days, which revealed a total elimination of both bacterial and spores.



The Ultra-D technology activates Hydrogen Peroxide, which then produces hydroxyl radicals, which kill bacteria, fungi and viruses within seconds of contact. Healthcare facilities worldwide are dealing with an increase in drug resistant pathogens that infect over two million patients in the United States each year. Hospital acquired infections kill 271 people daily, which equates to a major airline crash. The Ultra-D is an emerging technology that provides rapid high-level disinfection while using hydrogen peroxide that leaves no residue, does not damage disposables and is safe for the environment.

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