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Ebeling Heffernan Close $10m funding deal with NPWZ

The closing of this deal brings to $30m in deals that were set at the Ebeling Heffernan Road Show in Bangkok Thailand( ). Road Show was a huge success and we look forward to the 2010 Road Show, our upcoming Green Show, The Charity Ball and many other events Ebeling Heffernan will host or sponsor this year.


Neah Power Systems, Inc. ('Neah') (OTCBB:NPWZ) (, the Company developing fuel cells and fuel cell-based renewable energy solutions, announced today that it has reached agreements separately with Ebeling Heffernan (NASDAQ:EF), a public markets Consultancy Company based in Bangkok, Thailand, and First Equity Trust to purchase from the company up to $10 million of Neah Powers common stock between January 26, 2010 and January 25, 2011, with a firm commitment of a minimum of $500,000 at a $1.00 per share (restricted stock) by January 26, 2010. The company also reported that it has received a total of $200,000 from the investors, at a valuation of $1.00 per share in restricted stock.

Dr. Chris D'Couto, Neah CEO, said, This investment from Ebeling Heffernan and First Equity underscores their confidence in the technology and the management of the company. Tremendous progress has been made by the company and we are now taking orders for our fuel cell and renewable energy solutions, which includes our Solcool line of products.

Ebeling Heffernan last October sponsored Neah's introduction to the Asian market with a presentation to energy producers and government agencies from Southeast Asia, including Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, China and Japan. The Company?€?s unique technology and products are partially funded by the U.S. Navy, which with Intel Capital, Novellus Systems, Frazier Technology Ventures, Castile Ventures, have invested more than $40M into the company.? Neah?€?s patent-protected anaerobic fuel cells are especially suited to transportation, being able to operate in airless conditions, such as in space and underwater, and is attractive to other transportation implementations (automobiles, trucks, two wheelers, forklifts, etc.) as hybrid implementations where the fuel cell is used to keep a battery constantly charged, and the battery then drives the motor.

About Neah Power

Neah Power Systems, Inc. (OTCPK:NPWZ) is developing long-lasting, efficient and safe power solutions for the military and for portable electronic devices. Neah uses a unique, patented, silicon-based design for its micro fuel cells that enable higher power densities, lower cost and compact form-factors. The company?€?s micro fuel cell system can run in aerobic and anaerobic modes.? 

About Ebeling Heffernan

Ebeling Heffernan (EF) is a public markets Consultancy Company formed by two experienced stock market analysts, each of whom founded and currently operate two venture capital companies in the USA and Hong Kong. EF showcases its client?€?s products and services throughout Asia and invests in innovative businesses, the latest technology, novel pharmaceuticals and new markets.

EF offers local companies access to the USA public market sector, providing corporate consultancy, representation, finance, and introductions to global public markets. EF operates several online publications, one of which, Live Trading News, focuses on the broader market and on highlighting investment opportunities in Asia, as many of Asia largest companies are not known to western investors.

EF proffers coverage and analysis that offers a new perspective on investing in Asia, covering Real Estate, Travel, Living and Political news, presenting a superior perspective on the various countries of Asia.

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