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Gold Wars, Part III: Return of the Gold Standard

In Parts I and II of this series, I characterized the global gold market as an economic battleground. The chief antagonists are Western bankers (and especially American bankers), who relentlessly attack the price of gold in order to both hide their agenda as well as the economic harm which this class of people has been inflicting on humanity for over 2,000 years.


In Part II, I pointed out the imminent and inevitable “defeat” facing these bankers. The supply of bullion which these bankers rely upon to manipulate the gold market has dramatically dwindled. At the same time, many of the societies which are not dominated by their own bankers (and their hidden agenda) have rediscovered the allure of gold as the only financial asset which can truly increase the stability of their financial systems.


However, this pending defeat is only a battle, not the entire “war”. The ultimate defeat of the Western banking cabal can only be accomplished by reinstating a precious metals “standard” (or backing) for the global monetary system. In order to look ahead and understand how a gold standard will thwart the bankers' agenda, and why a return to a gold standard is inevitable requires looking back in time. It is a history lesson which few will have ever obtained in a classroom – even those of us like myself who spent several years studying economics.


In “John 2”, the Bible reads:


In the temple he [Jesus] found those who were selling oxen and sheep and pigeons, and the money-changers [bankers] sitting there. And making a whip of cords, he drove them all out of the temple with the sheep and oxen. And he poured out the coins of the money-changers and over-turned their tables. And he told those who sold the pigeons, “Take these things away; do not make my Father's house a house of trade.”...


This was the original source for the Biblical 'quotation': “beware the money-changers.” As is obvious with the context, Jesus did not make the explicit warning about bankers which history credits him with. Indeed, arguably he was much more upset at the thought of pigeons crapping all over the church.


The useful aspect of this passage is to point out that bankers are not a new “plague” being inflicted upon humanity, but rather have been plying their “trade” for thousands of years. Prostitution is often described as “the world's oldest profession”. So perhaps it would be appropriate to describe banking as “the world's second-oldest profession.” While there may be some debate over which of these “professionals” provides the more valuable service for society, there can be no argument that prostitution causes far less harm.


The specific disease of the bankers' plague is known as “debt”. While 21st century bankers like to pretend that they are great “innovators”, and claim that they have created a “modern” financial system which is a necessary ingredient of our high-tech society, the reality is that they are playing the exact, same game which they have been playing for thousands of years.


The modus operandi of the classic, bankers' scam is always the same. First they ingratiate themselves upon the rulers of a particular society by claiming that they provide a useful, if not essential service: they exchange paper “IOU's” for gold and silver coins, replacing heavy, bulky coins with their near-weightless scraps of paper.


Originally, the scraps of paper are treated strictly as claim-stubs for the gold and silver of the original holders. However, as a society becomes more familiar with these scraps of paper (and at the urging of the bankers, themselves), people begin using the scraps of paper for trade – as proxies for gold and silver.


As this practice increases in popularity, the gold and silver being held by the bankers as custodians is redeemed less and less often, because people simply keep swapping the scraps of paper between themselves....and, for over two thousand years the greed of bankers has caused them to take their “business” a step further: they begin creating more “IOU's” for gold and silver than what was deposited with them.

Having been lured (and lulled to sleep) by the convenience of paper “money”, the people don't even notice that bankers have begun “creating money out of thin air”. While nothing can dilute the original value of the gold and silver deposited (and hoarded) amongst the bankers, as the number of bankers' notes in circulation increases – without any underlying increase in the wealth which backs the paper – the value of each note inevitably declines.


This is the true origin of “inflation”: increasing or “inflating” the money-supply devalues the currency, causing the nominal price for goods to increase. Suddenly the bankers' “business” has changed dramatically. While originally the bankers earned their modest fees through providing their money-changing service, where bankers have always acquired the vast majority of their wealth is when they start stealing from societies.


There is no other way to characterize this. They willfully issue “IOU's” in ever-increasing numbers, exceeding the amount of gold and silver they hold by greater and greater multiples. While the people (in their blissful ignorance) contentedly swap the scraps of paper amongst themselves, the paper is rapidly diluted in value – but the bankers still only provide “par value” IOU's for those foolish enough to continue swapping their real money (i.e. gold and silver) for the bankers' increasingly worthless paper.


The bankers cheat the people in two ways. They cheat people first by diluting the value of the IOU's being held by the masses, and cheat people a second time each time they take in more gold and silver – in exchange for the diluted IOU's.


As this scam grows (and the paper gets more and more diluted), even the ignorant peasants of past eras begin to wise-up and notice the “inflation” which is steadily robbing them of their wealth and lowering their standard of living. Meanwhile, the bankers get fatter and fatter creating more and more money “out of thin air”.


In ages past, the discontent of the peasants didn't bother bankers in the slightest, as by this time they had “earned” the trust (and protection) of the society's monarch – through “cutting them in” on the bankers' scam.


Being able to magically “invent” wealth out of nothing has naturally always had an enormous appeal to kings, queens, and related tyrants – not simply because it gives monarch's the illusion of being much “wealthier” than they really are, but because the inherently fraudulent nature of paper “money” has historically provided rulers with the perfect financial vehicle to use in financing humanity's endless wars.


Even five hundred years ago, wars had become prohibitively expensive. A war-monger king who paid his troops gold and silver coins to die at his command ran out of gold and silver long before he ever ran out of “enemies” to attack. However, with the magic of ever more-diluted paper (masquerading as “money”), these tyrants could afford to send their soldiers out to die for decades at a time.


Thus, while bankers have always directly harmed societies, through stealing as much as possible, as fast as possible, arguably they have caused even more harm to humanity by being the world's principal facilitators of war.


This brings us to our modern world, and a new problem for the bankers: democracy. For the first time in history, bankers could not afford to ignore the “little people” as they robbed them of all their wealth, because suddenly the “little people” could (at least in theory) elect a government which would end the bankers stealing from society.


As a result of this political evolution, the bankers had to become more sophisticated in their stealing. First, they had to buy-off as many of the political parties as possible (while attempting to discredit the rest), and secondly they needed to be more successful in hiding their crimes from the masses.

In “The Bankers Manifesto of 1892” I pointed out the general strategy of these psychopathic thieves: distracting the masses from their scam through controlling the agenda of the political parties, and controlling or influencing the media. In recent decades, they have refined this strategy even further – by seducing governments into helping them lie about inflation.


Lying about inflation is “win/win” for bankster and politician alike. For the lying politicians, it helps them cheat their own people with respect to all transfer payments which are (supposedly) indexed to inflation, and for the banksters, the more successfully they can lie about inflation the more and faster they can steal the peoples' wealth.


Historically, the bankers have been “successful” with their millenia-old scam – and by “successful” I mean that rarely has their scam been ended by popular uprisings among the people. Instead, it is usually the bankers who destroy themselves.


As I pointed out earlier, bankers infect societies with the disease known as “debt”. Loaning money is an even more lucrative means of stealing then simply printing money. When the bankers make a new loan, not only can they steal from everyone (through printing up new money and thus diluting all the old money) – but they can actually get people to pay them interest while they steal from them.


At the same time the bankers are dragging down economies with ever-larger mountains of debt, they simultaneously make the entire financial system ever-more unstable through ever-increasing leverage. Any child who has mastered arithmetic could tell you that either one of these trends must destroy a financial system over time.


At some point, the debt-mountain becomes so large that it is mathematically impossible to continue making the interest payments on that debt. Similarly, with ever-increasing leverage, at some point the whole “house of cards” becomes so horrendously unstable that a single “surprise” can cause financial implosion.

Conversely, for over two thousand years, the bane of bankers has ironically been the same “precious metals” upon which they originally earned an honest living. Not only is the supply of gold and silver finite, but the rate at which the supply of these metals has been increased is remarkably stable.


Thus, bankers hate gold and silver because when used to “back” a system of currency, they simultaneously restrict the rate at which the money supply can be increased, while also preventing excessive leverage within a financial system. In short, they dramatically reduce the capacity of bankers to steal from society.


So how will this version of the bankers' two-thousand-year-old scam end? Will the (supposedly) empowered masses of our 21st century “democracies” rise up and put an end to the rampant theft of the bankers, or will the bankers simply destroy themselves (again) through their own insatiable greed?


Sadly, this may prove to be a moot question. The entire world is operating on a “fiat currency” system for the first time in history. “Fiat currency” refers to money which is backed by nothing, but only has “value” through a decree (or fiat). Indeed, simply defining what our paper “money” really is often enough to allow people to see through the bankers' scam.


However, awareness may not have come soon enough to save us from financial implosion. Even in relative terms, the global economy has never before borne such an enormous, collective burden of debt – not even during our “World Wars”, since our paper money had not yet been completely severed from the stability of precious metals at that time.


Much like a “bomb squad” is sometimes not able to defuse a bomb before detonation, the damage caused by decades of the unbridled greed (and unprecedented stealing) of bankers may be so far advanced that a financial catastrophe can no longer be defused.


A return to a “gold standard” is now imminent. We can only hope that defeat of the bankers comes soon enough that history does not look back on this as a “pyrrhic victory”.