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Banksters buying back TARP-warrants at 20% of market value

Where are the members of the U.S. financial crime syndicate finding the money to “repay” TARP loans? Maybe some of it is from the 400% profit they stand to make on the government's “equity investments” in these fraud-factories? Naturally, this corresponds with a loss to U.S. taxpayers of 80%.

A Bloomberg article provided details on this latest outrage, as the bankster-servants in the U.S. government refuse to undertake any “good faith” negotiations on behalf of the taxpayers they supposedly represent.

The precedent for this latest swindle is a deal which Tim-the-tax-cheat “negotiated” with Old National Bancorp. Based on the numbers of this first give-away of taxpayer assets, the following members of the U.S. financial crime syndicate would receive these windfalls (with taxpayers suffering losses of identical amounts):


  1. Bank of America - $2.03 BILLION

  2. Wells Fargo - $1.48 BILLION

  3. JP Morgan - $1.46 BILLION

  4. Morgan Stanley - $983 million

  5. Citigroup - $965 million

  6. Goldman Sachs - $693 million


Thus, with just these six institutions, the corrupt, U.S. Treasury Secretary would be throwing away $7.5 BILLION – for absolutely no reason.

Why would the banksters want to hang onto their TARP loan money – even with the tiny “strings” attached, when their servant in the U.S. Treasury Department is happy to continue to hand them more billions (on a regular basis) – with absolutely no conditions attached?

Once again, the Obama regime has made its own priority clear: bail-out Wall Street at any cost – even if the “cost” is the bankruptcy of the United States government, itself.

With “Helicopter” Ben printing up billions of new Bernanke-bills just to pay the interest on the U.S. government's humungous mountain of debt, it obviously cannot afford an endless series of multi-billion dollar hand-outs to the banksters – especially when it comes in the form of selling-out taxpayer assets at a small fraction of their current, fair-market value.

This comes one day after Tim-the-tax-cheat assured the world that the U.S. government had a plan to reduce the gigantic U.S. deficits by more than 75% in just a few years (see “Dollar Approaches Year's Low...”). Thus, the Obama regime is duplicating the economic policies of the Bush regime: constantly lie to and cheat the American people, while stuffing as much money as possible, as fast as possible into the vaults of the U.S. financial crime syndicate.

Then, in Washington's version of the “circle of life”, the banksters will kick-back some of that stolen money in the form of campaign contributions, to help their servants get re-elected – so that they can steal even more trillions for the banksters.

Informed experts such as former bank-regulator William Black openly described Wall Street's scams as a “Ponzi scheme” (see “U.S. bank-fraud SYSTEMIC and INTENTIONAL”), and he openly accuses all of the stooges in the U.S. government who serve the financial crime syndicate as willful accomplices to both Wall Street's original crimes, as well as the theft of trillions from the U.S. Treasury to bail-out their criminal operations.

The “Rule of Law” is extinct in the United States.