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U.S. “consumer confidence” a trap of lies

Is it my imagination, or do the market-lemmings simply get more stupid by the day? Today, the U.S. propaganda was trumpeting the “wonderful” news: “consumer confidence” rose “more than expected”. This is supposed to indicate that all the manure being spewed from the mouths of “Helicopter” Ben and Tim-the-tax-cheat about a “U.S. recovery” has now been validated.

To illustrate the current idiocy, lets simply trace the course of events over the last two months. Starting two months ago, the banker-servants in the U.S. government began their newest propaganda campaign: the 5th “economic recovery” predicted by “Heliopter” Ben, in just 2 ½ years.

Naturally, the media-parrots faithfully read from the same script, day after day after day – despite the fact that there is not the slightest indication that the U.S. economy will cease plummeting downward. The obvious question is: why continue to invent stories of a “U.S. economic recovery” over and over – when there is not the faintest hope of such predictions being accurate?

The answer is simple: to raise U.S. consumer confidence. In the U.S. economy, and every other “Ponzi scheme”, the “game” ends as soon as the “marks” (that would be the market-lemmings and U.S. citizens) lose confidence in the scammers who are conducting the “Ponzi scheme” (that would be the Wall Street crime syndicate and their servants in the U.S. government).

More generally, in any economy, people automatically spend more when their “confidence” is higher. Thus, with an economy now more than 75% dependent on consumer spending, the incentive to lie to Americans in order to get them to spend more is patently obvious.

Nonetheless, this charade continues through the words of the banker-servants in the U.S. government and their puppets in the media: tell outrageously optimistic lies about the U.S. economy and then react with “surprise” and celebration when “consumer confidence” rises. These transparent tactics should not be able to fool a reasonably bright six-year-old!

This cabal of compulsive liars continue to pat themselves on the back for fooling the lemmings again and again. They are too blinded by their own arrogance and stupidity to understand that the short-term benefits of such lies are greatly exceeded by the long-term damage generated by those lies.

For individual Americans, this is instantly apparent. Leveraged with debt to almost the same insane level as the Wall Street fraud-factories, it is absolutely essential that Americans reduce this debt-leverage through reduced spending.

Instead, deceived again and again by promises of a “recovery”, over-extended Americans are lulled into the belief that their “belt-tightening... can end. Thus, while the U.S. economy continues its collapse into this Greater Depression, individual Americans are setting themselves up, collectively, for an even more catastrophic debt-implosion than what is currently occurring.

However, even more damaging, the endless promises of a “recovery” by the liars in the federal government have also deceived all of the state and local governments, across the United States.

This began nearly three years ago, when “Helicopter” Ben promised them a “Goldilocks economy” where there would never be a significant downturn in the U.S. economy. This caused all these governments to radically over-spend just as the largest asset bubble in history was about to burst (see “U.S. states crippled by Bernanke's lies”).

This has been followed by all of Bernanke's false promises of an imminent “recovery” - which resulted in these other levels of government failing to dramatically curb their spending in anticipation of the inevitable collapse in revenues.

The cumulative results of all this lying? Just look at California (see “California to sell fraudulent warrants to try to balance books”) where the propagandists were very successful in fooling a muscle-bound actor. I'm sure all the residents of California are impressed with the success of these liars.

What these short-sighted morons still fail to understand is that with every new round of absurd lies, they are simply hammering more nails into the coffins of states, counties, towns, and cities all across the U.S.

That still does not come close to a comprehensive list of all the victims of Bernanke's and Geithner's lies. We must also add all the schools, hospitals, and assorted other public institutions who have also been deceived – and who now also face their own debt crises!

Congratulations to the U.S. financial crime syndicate and the government stooges they own! While the massive, housing “bubble” and Ponzi scheme you created initiated the final destruction of the U.S. economy, it was your legion of lies after-the-fact which has completed this destruction.