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Those Amazing U.S. Markets, Part II: the bond market

In Part I of this series, I pointed out that U.S. bond prices remain near their maximum, theoretical price – while U.S. equity markets continue their largest/fastest “rally” in history. This contradicts more than a century of market behavior, not to mention basic economic fundamentals – since the drivers of high bond prices and high equity prices are diametrically opposed. I equated this to a thermometer, which simultaneously gives a reading of the “hottest” and “coldest” temperature on record.

Part I” focused on the Federal Reserve: Wall Street's primary accomplice in creating asset-bubbles, and the leveraged scams which have allowed the Oligarchs to plunder trillions from the rest of the world. Indeed, if not for Bernanke's relentless propaganda of a U.S. “Goldilocks economy” - a fantasy-world where U.S. markets and house prices would just keep going up forever – it would have been impossible for Wall Street to have manipulated cities, states and institutions all over the world into all being on the wrong side of the derivatives-bets known as “interest rate swaps”. Criminal investigations have now begun.

The Federal Reserve plays primarily an indirect role in pumping-up U.S. equity markets – through their permanent 0% interest rates, and malicious propaganda aimed to deceive investors. It should be noted that even after the U.S. housing bubble burst – exposing Bernanke's naked propaganda of a “Goldilocks economy” - this amoral shill compounded his deceit by assuring the world that the U.S. economy would have a “soft landing”. What immediately followed were the worst “crashes” in U.S. real estate and equity markets in history.

The only possible defense of Bernanke's shameless support of Wall Street's scams was that he was merely grossly incompetent: making the two, worst “calls” in the history of markets – less than six months apart. That defense was negated by Bernanke's reappointment. In that farcical process, not only was no mention made of Bernanke's “Goldilocks economy” or his “soft landing”, but Bernanke was praised for doing a great job...

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