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Those Amazing U.S. Markets, Part III: equity markets

In Part I of this series, I pointed out how the U.S. Federal Reserve was the ultimate accomplice to Wall Street in their endless scams and bubble-blowing. In Part II of this series, I pointed out how the U.S. bond market was the ultimate “bubble”, with bond prices continuing to hover near their absolute maximum – while the greatest amount of debt (i.e. supply) in history is being dumped onto this market.

In Part III, I shall point out how U.S. equity markets have also become totally divorced from the real world.

Any discussion of the manipulation of U.S. equity markets used to begin and end with the “Plunge Protection Team”, otherwise known as the President's Working Group on Financial Markets. The PPT is the world's only official entity whose permanent job is to manipulate markets higher, any time they appear in danger of breaking down. Despite the existence of this organization, the U.S. continues to pretend that it has “free and open markets”.

Today, the PPT is only the starting point of U.S. market-manipulation. It begins with the U.S. propaganda-machine, that finely-tuned “choir”, who faithfully sing in harmony day after day about what a “wonderful opportunity” U.S. equity markets represents. However, with the U.S. economy still teetering on the verge of total collapse, simply “pumping” U.S. markets day after day is no longer sufficient. The propaganda-machine now spends most of its time bashing other markets...

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