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U.S. Market-fraud Enters New Era

The same equity markets which have a “team” permanently dedicated to manipulating equity prices higher began a new era of fraud on May 6, 2010. When the mindless trading-algorithms which now control most U.S. equities trading all suddenly flipped to “sell”, U.S. equity markets had their most violent plunge in a quarter century.

What was the response of the U.S. government, and their pretend-regulators who operate their markets? They are canceling a vast and (as yet) undetermined number of trades. Essentially they are giving market insiders a “do-over” - presumably because Wall Street insiders were also caught by surprise, and thus unable to capitalize on whipsawing investors. In the permanently-pumped U.S. markets, those markets are now only allowed to fall if such a drop is desired by the Wall Street banksters who give U.S. 'regulators' their marching orders.

Supposedly, some “computer error” was the culprit for this crash. As is typical of compulsive liars, there is a kernel of truth buried in this massive lie. The crash was caused by computers, but there were no “errors” involved. U.S. equity markets have been pumped up to absurdly fraudulent levels – which are epitomized by the share prices of the Wall Street financial crime syndicate.

Those banks are hopelessly insolvent, as they continue to hide countless trillions in losses, courtesy of the mark-to-fantasy accounting rules which were enacted to save them from having to declare immediate bankruptcy. Meanwhile, their decade-long crime-spree is resulting in the beginnings of a tidal wave of litigation against the banksters, which will totally obliterate the Wall Street Oligarchs...

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