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Sales Support: Making Lead Generation Work for Your Company by Outsourcing

Your sales team is the driving force of progress in your organization and a significant part of your budget.  Potentially cutting cost by half through hiring with an outsourcing company to allow your sales team to focus on the bigger picture of closing high value clients just makes good sense.  Shifting the focus of sales and marketing away from non-core, time consuming efforts is one way of capitalizing on your sales efforts.

Lead generation is one such function that could prove beneficial if outsourced to a reliable outsourcing company.  By outsourcing lead generation efforts, it gives free reign to your sales team to focus on building relationships with prospective clients and ultimately closing deals.  But outsourcing the function itself will not yield results if clear guidelines are not set to facilitate the lead generation process.  As a provider of lead generation outsourcing services ourselves, we’ve come up with a process that will help a company achieve the maximum results for their lead generation campaign, here’s a brief outline:

  • Define and document the sales process. Remember to set a clear and concise value proposition which answers a specific problem that your product or service addresses.  Set parameters to determine who would be targeted in your lead generation campaign, and which coincides with your value proposition.
  • Define the best method to employ in lead generation.  Take note that there are several ways of gathering leads such as through the internet, calling, etc. and not all of them would be suitable to your needs.
  • Make sure that quality control measures are in place. After all, the amount of time and energy you save from outsourcing your lead generation efforts may be wasted if the leads your campaign generates are not up to par.  Sometimes it’s more about quality than quantity.
  • Measure the results.  Is there a low conversion rate?  Is there a low response rate through email?  Measure your outsourcing partner’s performance against your sales teams’ performance to ensure that your sales and marketing campaign is at its optimum.
  • Maintain continuous training and calibration.  Did your results align with your value proposition?   Did your results align with your target market?  How accurate is the contact information provided? Continuously evaluate every step to ensure that the process coincides with your company’s overall objectives.  This also entails investing in human capital by providing continuous training to improve performance as well as boost morale.

While the above outline represents our tried and tested methodology for lead generation, the descriptions above merely skim the surface of what lead generation would ultimately entail in terms of time and effort.  Lead generation is a continuous process that requires constant collaboration in order to pay off.  Always remember that outsourcing is a two-way street and while it’s easy to hire just anyone to do the tasks you require, doing so would not provide you with the best results.  Ultimately to make an outsourcing effort such as lead generation work, you need to work hand in hand with a reliable outsourcing partner whom you can trust to provide you with the best service.

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