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Contact Centers Must Invest in Training To Lessen Talent Pool Saturation

Companies providing call center services are usually the type of companies that conduct mass hiring to attend to the growing demand for customer service and for sales outsourcing. As companies, especially those businesses who need to maintain constant customer relation, a reliable team who will be the front-liner for their business is important. The search for a contact center partner usually brings companies to outsourcing solutions providers who have facilities offshore as engaging with an offshore provider has proven to be less expensive than hosting your contact center solutions in-house.

Last December 2010, we have published an article, “Philippine Contact Centers Surpass Indian Competitors”, where it has been pointed out that the Philippines may succeed in becoming the top destination for outsourced customer service. With the current trend in call center outsourcing today, it is now known that companies’ smart choice for an outsourcing partner would be the Philippines. Companies who are looking for call center outsourcing partners have recognized the Filipinos’ ease in speaking in a neutral accent, which could be considered as the main reason why they are now seeking Philippine outsourcing providers.

United States-based call center outsourcing solutions provider Convergys Corp.(NYSE:CVG) issued a statement last July 15 that their Philippines’ contact center facility may have more employees than their facility in the United States, as they are currently looking to fill in 5,000 more positions to attend to their growing client portfolio. However, with the growing population of contact centers in the Philippines, it is not surprising that the outsourcing solutions providers will encounter some challenges when it comes to pooling a set of qualified applicants. Take into account Convergys. With just less than a month after issuing the statement mentioned earlier, Convergys’ site director, Butch Sison, for their facility in Cebu, Philippines pointed out that the “availability of talent is a critical issue.” This particular concern for contact centers is becoming more alarming as different contact center solutions providers race against each other to hire the best among the qualified applicants.

It is inevitable for the talent pool to be saturated especially with the amount of contact centers in the country, but there are organizations or institutions in the Philippines that are aimed at addressing this issue. The top destinations for contact center outsourcing may have already seen this coming, which is why some institutions and organizations in India and in the Philippines have established training schools or academies in the region. The curriculum in these training schools or academies covers the different kinds of work processes delegated to a contact center, from handling customer service to sales and telemarketing. There are also some institutions that offer training programs for almost all positions in a contact center, from enhancing one’s customer service skills to supervision and quality assurance.

With the thinning talent pool available for contact centers, it is now highly suggested for contact centers to invest in an effective training program and not just rely on hiring the best applicants, in fact, having an effective training program may even have higher returns for the company.

Author: Jamee C.