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Contact Centers Seek Software Solutions Available To Deliver Streamlined Processes

People often say that there is a wheel of life - sometimes you are at the bottom, while there will be times that you will be on top. With businesses, this could also be the case as there will be highs and lows. But it seems that this is not how the outsourcing sector fares because ever since the call center outsourcing industry has gained traction, they have not stopped being on top of the outsourcing ladder.

The call center industry, both onshore and offshore, have continued to gain popularity despite some efforts to stop offshoring call center work processes, such as customer service and telemarketing, just like what the Anti-Outsourcing Bill is aiming at. Aegis PeopleSupport Inc., the Manila-based operating subsidiary of United States-based Aegis Global, has mentioned that as a response to the forthcoming threat of the said bill, they will take measures to expand their domestic reach wherein they will target local companies in different sector. This goes to show that the call center industry players will continue to work around the arising issue and will build ways to remain at the top.

One of the means for the contact center companies to push for continuous growth is either through developments within the sector or developments brought about by a neighboring sector like IT outsourcing. Recently, a cloud-based communications provider announced that it is now offering hosted solutions to contact centers. Intelliverse, which is an Atlanta, Georgia-based company, mentioned in their statement that they have now integrated three different contact center processes into one solution. This integration will enable contact centers to implement better customer care strategies to improve their efficiency as a contact center. With developments like these in the industry, it can be said that the contact center industry is still very much grounded to providing an exemplary kind of service to their clients.

Another communications solutions provider, New England, Maine-based DSCI Corporation, issued a press release stating that it has released a new solution that will enable call center service providers to enhance their agents' communication and interaction with their customers. Enhancing their services and work process efficiency is still the number priority for outsourcing companies because it is the main driving force for their industry and probably the second top reason why people outsource to solutions providers - because they can provide better customer service solutions than companies itself - next to the significant amount of money that they can save.

The contact center industry can definitely thrive on its own, especially because almost all of the companies belonging in that branch of outsourcing are capable of providing quality and efficient work processes to their clients. Nevertheless, they still purchase software and products from other companies such as solutions providers mentioned above because they are aware that this will help them create a more streamlined approach in rendering their services. It is safe to say that in the outsourcing industry, companies, despite coming from different degrees of outsourcing, are working hand in hand to be able to provide the market with a solution that would best suit their demands.

Author: Jamee C.

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