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IT Does Not Matter

This was an Article of N.G. Carr. He did wrote that IT would become a commodity. Something simple like electricity you get from the Wall. It was a very controversial Article and may be not ready for the time it was Published. But its very Actual right now! The Problem always was how do you get Information from other Sources, lets say Mainframes, Dedicated computers, Servers from any kind. You need a way to connect them and let them Interchange Information. In the big days of IBM and Digital they lead the market and had their own ways of Exchanging information between computers, but those days are gone. IBM needed to rush to hang on to the Microcomputer server era and Digital was busted by Microcomputer servers and taken over by HP. The Good thing about all that is that IBM needed to comply to standardization, it could not do it on its own anymore and went to love/hate Partner Microsoft. Together they laid down the new standard Web Services and deposited that at the W3C. Now everybody can put a plug in the wall and use Information form any source. It does not matter what's on the other side, Mainframe, SAP, PeopleSoft. The Information is exposed as Services. Both CEO's of IBM and Microsoft evangelists this in the World as the biggest opportunity after HTML, the World listened and absorbed it. But what do we as simple Human Beings have to do with all that? Windows8 will soon be launched. This OS is a real change with the past. Windows8 uses so called 'Tiles'. Those Tiles are 'live'. That means they will get Information from several sources (can be like Services). So the Web Services idea will get a big boost from that. All those apps on your Windows Phone or Tablet will receive Information from Web Services. The Information can come from anywhere and can be combined to whatever is useful for the users. As a case you could build a Transport App. Lets say you want to take a train. The App is reading from its GPS which Station is close to you. It reads the Station from the public transportation Service. The app reads your Addresss from the Bing service. Its also possible to get the Routing information which streets you need to take to get to the Station. May be also take a Bus? Metro? all this Information is Published and ready to use by Apps. Another case is a travel Company. It has a website. A Simple website, but it looks great :-) Why? It uses lets say 30 services, not only for booking a flight ticket, but also booking a hotel, some educational trips may be, a car etc. So IT will be a commodity, something you use from a service provider. On this moment I am programming a Case where its possible to use Information from several sources at once. That Information comes in Parallel without delay and I combine that Information, just to see If the Library that was designed for that purpose does it work very well. I must say I am Impressed. Microsoft's has a big focus on Information consuming and I have to say is well prepared. What does this mean for Business users? Your Phone or Tablet is ready to consume Business data :-) Your Phone/Tablet apps can be used to exchange Information between the Home Office etc. What about security? The new Window8 Phone can be completely encrypted. Can they be cracked? Don't know, the XBOX360 is still not cracked :-) (The DVD player is). So what I would say is happy consuming. May be an advice for Businesses: don't miss this boat :-) It will give lots of new opportunities.