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Robo-Investing: Why Is It So Popular?

Taking an active money management approach, the completely passive 'set it and forget it' of robo-investing is intriguing to me.

I know that AUM of robo-advisors are growing but it just feels like you're inserting a quarter, turning the knob and out comes your portfolio.

One study by Cerulli Associates claims that robo-investing is going to go up by 2500% over the next five years.

What could be some of the reasons that people have invested with robo-advisors like Wealthfront, Betterment and offerings from Vanguard, Fidelity and Schwab?

Is it a millenial thing that I don't get as a Gen Xer?

Is the mistrust of human advisors so great that they are turning to a machine?

Does the automation of robo-investing help people feel more in control of their portfolio?

Is it the low fees?

Is it the belief that active management will only get you in trouble so a passive strategy is best?

Its a mix of all of the above according to investors in discussion forums.

The question will be the staying power of robo-firms. The novelty has worn off so now what?

Is it just the latest Wall Street asset management marketing fad or is it revolutionary?