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Social Recruiting


LinkedIn as a Social Recruiting.

Facebook as a Social Recruiting.

Twitter as a Social Recruiting.

Social recruiting is an art of head hunting top talents using social networks. As the world we are living in is becoming more technologically driven, social media recruitment is significantly more important. That's why recruiters now days follow social media websites just to snare the uber-talented professionals for their current openings. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are the most used social media sites for special recruiting.

LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter have over 535 million combined users. 76% of social job seekers find their job through Facebook. LinkedIn is the most used recruitment resource by recruiters. 94% Recruiters are active on LinkedIn whereas only 36% job seekers are active on LinkedIn. 78 percent of recruiting and HR professionals stated that they hire at least one employee via social media. Social media recruiting is one of the strongest trends in the market today, and a good way to show this is to look back at the days when a resume alone got applicants to the interview. Well, it can be said that those days are over: today, it's about more than just the skills that the applicant has on paper - it's also about an applicant's social presence and connections. Social Networking sites are the fastest growing tool for Recruitment. Here is the trend year wise,




In 2015, an increasing number of recruiters is shown that are using social networks for various recruitment-oriented purposes and so candidates are making their profile active on social networking sites so that recruiters can contact them. A recent survey by Jobvite demonstrated that 73% of hiring managers planned to invest more in their presence on social media, indicating that social media will be more important to the job market than ever. LinkedIn is a much better vehicle for this than large generic job boards and is therefore competing very effectively with them - not recruitment consultancies who use LinkedIn as a tool.

65% of the recruiters in United States prefer social recruiting. Facebook subscribers globally, and LinkedIn and Twitter exceed 200 million subscribers each. Facebook is the largest of the social networking sites with over 400 million users. With such tremendous growth, many multinational corporations (MNCs) can't avoid social media any longer and are actively using social networks to target, court and recruit candidates. The most successful companies recognize that social media is a two-way street. Just as the organization is looking for a great talent, the same talent looks for a great organization. Any recruiter worth their weight understands that the best candidates need to be wooed.

Now, let's study how to use major social media sites for recruiting because if the person isn't currently searching for a job, recruiters through social media sites can create connection and network with them.


LinkedIn is a professional social networking website. At LinkedIn, start building connections with people that are already known. This could include former co-workers, current clients, local entrepreneurs and even friends and family. You should also join groups where you might connect with potential candidates. For example, if you are always looking for IT consultants you can find an affiliated group on LinkedIn. Once you join relevant groups find ways to begin discussions with people in the group, post job requirements in the group etc.


Facebook is an easy to use and affordable place to grow your applicant pool. Search for the relevant users, groups, pages and applications and then utilize the same accordingly. Jobs can be posted on pages, groups etc. to attract users for free.


Twitter is another social media that may act as a powerful tool for recruiters or hiring manager to recruit quality talents. The easiest way to recruit is to tweet jobs that are opened. To make your job posting tweets standout you can also use hash tags, # with the keywords that are used to filter and find information instantly on Twitter.


  • Google+ is also the most prominent social media to use as social recruiting tool. Although this social network isn't a specialized recruiting channel like LinkedIn and doesn't have as many users as Facebook and Twitter, there are valid reasons for recruiters and organizations to start using it. This network enables recruiters to locate people with the right education, experience, and qualifications for your job opening. Google+ is focused on the user's personality. Once you build a perfect profile, you should focus on connecting with the right Google+ users. Don't limit yourself on job hunters; connect with different professionals and create circles by occupation or job position. Recruiters can send emails to Google+ users even if you don't have their email addresses. Google+ Hangouts is an excellent video conferencing platform. An interview can be easily scheduled with the eligible candidate for the prospective job to accelerate the recruiting process.

According to Bullhorn North America Staffing and Recruiting Trends survey, 77% recruiters use ATS (Application Tracking System) to drive placements. As per the bullhorn's survey, it is identified that social media is the greatest opportunity for recruiting firm growth in the next five years. Today recruiting agencies reply on social media networks and resources. LinkedIn, for example, is and will continue to be an effective sourcing tool; social media usage for recruiting is growing significantly over the next five years within North America.

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