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When None Of The Above Is Better Than All Of The Above

I once heard Warren Buffett say that United States politics is the greatest spectator sport available to man - I tend to agree. The 2016 US Presidential Election can certainly be described by a host of adjectives, but one word you can not use to describe this race is "predictable". And aside from Jeffrey Gundlach (who just happens to be equally as good at predicting politics as he is at predicting bond prices), not many of us would have put their money on Donald Trump to be the face of the Republican party. In contrast, I reckoned Hillary Clinton's email scandal would have warranted something more tangible for Bernie Sanders than a free coupon to a seat at the podium of the Democratic National Convention. But one thing is certain, both Clinton and Trump score poorly in likeability. Most elections invariably can be described as a popularity contest, but it seems as though this one is what I like to call an unpopularity contest. Both candidates have continuously tallied "strongly unfavourable" ratings well above 30% throughout the polls, which implies the country is almost voting based on who they dislike the least rather than who they like the most. But when options are limited, that is when decisions tend to become the most interesting.

Who is Gary Johnson? Well, he's not Trump or Clinton so frankly I won't bore you with his bio because that pretty much sums it up there. Do you remember those ridiculously challenging and arguably unfair school exams? You know, that exam which tested content not at all related to what you learned in the actual class? You tried to stay informed and made an active effort to attend all the lectures, but the professor never really explained anything beyond how tall he wanted to make the fence surrounding his Spanish neighbours' backyard. This teacher never laid out a concrete course structure and both he and his wife were somehow tenured at the university, even despite being riddled with constant school scandal. So as hard as you tried and as unfair as the test was, you were hopeless from Day 1 and there wasn't all that much you could do about it. When exam day came, you basically had to guess based on how appeasing an answer "looked" or "felt" and all you could do was hope for the best. When in doubt you picked C unless D was an All of the Above. And if there ever was a None of the Above, well that surely had to be the correct choice - otherwise, why would it even be there in the first place? In most polls, Gary Johnson is currently scoring in the high single-digits, if not the lower double-digits. Why is this important? Well, if he does manage to lock down 15% that would land Mr. Johnson on the main stage debate alongside Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton. And if there ever was an election where the None of the Above vote could prove to be a deadly test for the choices listed above, then surely it'd be the temptation of the 2016 None of the Above option, Gary Johnson, who could win the spontaneous hearts of today's unprepared voters - otherwise, why would he even be there in the first place?