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Hot Picks on making 2011 a very profitable year

|Includes: Acme Packet, Inc. (APKT), CMG, DECK, IPGP, NFLX, OLED, OPEN, QLIK

 I am looking into momentum trading, the following are some stock ideas most of which have the following similar characteristics which I believe offer highest upside potential at the time of writing.

* Daily trading volume over 500,000 per day and signs of institutional sponsorship.
* Shares in issue is less than 100m and preferably below 50m floated.
* Average trading volume has been increasing in the past year.
* Many characteristics of a typical Canslim type of stock (visit
* Stocks trading within 5% of their 52 week or all-time high.
* In most cases, the price of company is over $50.
* Growing earnings, positive expectations, industry in favour.
* New company with some new hot product / business.
Here are the ideas (ticker, current price and suggested entry price):
OPEN - $105.00 - (enter immediately below $110)
CMG - $285.13 (enter immediately below $290)
MCP - $74.22 (enter immediately below $75)
SOHU - $95.38 (enter immediately below $100)
APKT - $72.50 (wait and enter above $75)
DECK - $94.27 (enter immediately below $95)
LULU - $93.28 (enter immediately below $95)
Riskier picks:
QLIK - $27.03 (enter if it stays above $27)
PANL - $52.84 (buy below $48, but make a stop $45).
IPGP - $56.76 (buy and stop at $53, and buy more over $60).
My initial recommendation date 04/17/2011 - target is buy and hold (until the S&P goes to 1525 later this year).
Disclaimer: Make a stop loss of $3 from your initial purchase (entry) price. I am not responsible for your losses. At the time of writing I own shares (long position) in NFLX, MCP, CMG and planning to enter some (but not necessarily all) mentioned stock positions in the other recommendations in the next 72 hours.