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Can't Beat Comcast, Join Them

|Includes: Comcast Corporation (CMCSA)

Comcast Corp (NASDAQ:CMCSA) is continuously growing, investing, and maintaining all at once in what may be viewed as a turbulent and changing market. The television viewing market is beginning to transition to an "on my time" and watch any where type of a deal. Comcast Corp must continue to reinvest and maintain their demand in the market otherwise they may end up like Kodak, and simply get crushed in the rapidly changing television media market.

Comcast Corp has steadily grown in terms of net income, and earnings per share, which is only expected of such a large and demanding media company. The real thing to watch with this type of a company is to make sure that they are maintaining a presence in the new and the self inventing portions of the market. It needs to stay ahead of and within the new type of market that is taking shape and will one day, potentially, be the new main media viewership market, which would likely be online streaming viewership.

Comcast has recently announced a new streaming TV service called Stream, which should help them stay in the media viewership market as the television market begins to fade with the new younger generation. It is also expected of Comcast to continue to find ways to match their customers and clients as they provide the middle man service by offering more ways for their networks to be viewed by their viewers. It is promising that Comcast is able to continue to invest in new media outlets, while continuing to grow in subscribers and net income as well as investing in new platforms to provide its customers with good service and services.

It is in a good place, but cannot get comfortable and must continue to grow and find its place in the market. The competition for these media outlets are growing fiercer and fiercer as the pinnacle in the media market reaches new heights. The stronger companies become the more they begin to block out others. Comcast must continue to keep its position within the market, while find new ways to satisfy its customers and they will be more difficult to fight and easier to join.