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Six Flags

Six flags Inc. is in the amusement park industry. Six flags offers a variety of services/ attractions such as roller coasters, waterpark attractions, and game stations. Aside from the thrill seeking attractions six flags offers animal attractions, food services, and entertainment shows. Most of these attractions are meant to cater to different age groups while some attractions are aimed towards all ages. Six flags is one of the world's largest amusement park corporations based on the amount of properties owned throughout the United States and Mexico.

Six flags headquarters is located in Grand Prairie, Texas while its corporate office is located in Midtown Manhattan, New York City. The company has 18 theme parks in various amount of states in the United States such as Texas, New Jersey, California, Ohio etc.

The amusement park industry is a very competitive industry so it is very important to have business relationships with outside companies so that the amusement park can offer a variety of services. The company Six Flags Inc. affiliates itself with a lot of companies such as Papa johns, Tyson foods, Johnny rockets, Nintendo and cold stone creamery. These outside companies sell their products at Six Flags amusement parks.

Some of the strengths of Six Flags is that it has the most theme parks located in the United States which means that its services are more available to customers. Some other strengths of the company is that the cost of admission isn't extremely high unlike the corporation Walt Disney. Weaknesses that Six flags has is a slightly damaged brand image, weak real estate, and bad communications amongst management. Opportunities that the company is currently investigating is expansion to other countries, emerging markets, and also product/service expansion. Threats that six flags has to consider is the economic slowdown, which deals with a lack of consumers due to the economy, competition amongst other leaders in the amusement park industry to gain customers, and lastly price wars between six flags and other amusement parks in the industry.

Behind Walt Disney, Six flags is the 2rd largest amusement park corporation in the industry. Six flags has 1900 full time employees and 27,000 seasonal employees that work in different locations within the United States and Mexico. Six flags has more than $1.1 billion in net sales and more than $290 million in assets. Six Flags financial statements is clear evidence as to why the amusement park is one of the best in the industry.