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Working Class Hero

      Neither of my grandparents ever owned real estate or even an automobile.  They were products of poverty and no education and henceforth my parents were reared without any advantages or foresight regarding how to better themselves.  My parents were very fortunate for they married and worked during the "prosperous" times in this country. They lived the dream because fate allowed them to prosper during the "golden' years when the USA dominated the global economy. My parents knew hard times but failed to save.  My parents lived very well never having any premonition that the global imbalance of weath would someday shift....they lived the "American Dream...aka Illusion".....never understanding what was to portend....dear mom and dad had not a slight insight regarding how lucky and unsustainable their economic circumstances were...and how it was about to end...(badly).  Fortunately for them.....they both passed on before reality hit....and they had it made for most ot their lives. Their only perception was that things got so much better from their early lives....and this was the new reality that would keep going on forever.  Now comes their son (me)...either a planned entity or just the ramification of Saturday night and a bottle of Scotch.  I enter the workforce after growing up around a host of friends and neighbors that were very nice folks and lived very well...but really had not much drive or intelligence.....kinda just working at places that took very very good care of them and their families and they seem to just have to punch a clock....with no stress....and never had to worry about paying their bills or if they had a job tomorrow.  Now comes me....entering the workforce at the peak of this "euphoric" workplace nirvanna.  Within a few years.....I started to observe that things were changing.  Slowly....very very very slowly....workplace conditions, benefits, wages, and job security were somewhat eroding.  This observation (reality) made me take notice.  I was not sure what was happening but had a gut feeling that maybe this comfortable and secure way of life may not last. I did not know how our comfortable life had come about and really did not understand about the economic conditions that prevailed in many parts of the world....but I started to read a lot....(before the internet). It dawned upon me that there was something amiss.....too many were reaping a harvest that they did not sew.  My friends and neighbors had a lot of things that I could not understand how they could afford....and they lived like kings...all the while working the same job I did.  Then, when the jobs started to evaporate and/or the pay and benefits became less than before....they did not seem affected.  How could this be?   Of course now we all know they borrowed to keep living the dream.