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A Letter to George Ure: the Exact Date of the April 2011 Historical Crash

Apr. 12, 2011 7:47 PM ET1 Comment
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George, the empirical, easily observable science of saturation macroeconomics prospectively predicted the exact 11 October 2007 nominal Wilshire high.
Euphoria was ubiquitous in the autumn of 2007 with endless profits linearly predicted in the news world of the Financial Trust's leveraged CDO tranche supported real estate.
But... this is a nonlinear universe evidenced by universe  big bangs, volcanoes, earthquakes,
core reactor sans boron rods meltdowns, and for the linearly animate .... nonlinear death. Many years of linear progression yields more linear expectations which is then upbruptly demarcated by nonlinearity.

The final posting in the Economic Fractalist is prophetic but the last paragraph represents the challenge to prove that saturation macroeconomics is a patterned science - a quantum patterned science of linearity and nonlinearity and  how the world macroeconomic system actually operates.

19 October 06 
A Final Posting
Saturation Macroeconomics and Saturation Curve Fractal Analysis- A Real Science?
Perhaps GM points the way afterall; as GM goes, so goes ....

The real real GM is defunct, collapsed by 250 billions dollars of debt greater at the time than the entire Candian national debt.

In the final posting of the Economic Fractalist: The entire piece is prophetic but the last paragraph represents the challenge to prove that saturation macroeconomics is a patterned science - this is how the world macroeconomic system operates.

" These are the lumped six broad elements that are dynamically
interacting with each other to create the summation valuation points,
curves, and saturation asymptotes. The evolving integrative fractals
that appear to so well describe the real instantaneous state, the
trending state, the
saturation areas, and importantly predict with relative exactness the
expected nonlinearities of the complex macro economic system, have the
fundamental characteristics of a real science."

 Gary Lammert www.economicfractalist .com/

Posted by: gary lammert | August 27, 2005 at 05:15 AM

The Wilshire's  first saturation area 11 October 2007 was exactly predicted to the day as a third fractal 40th day  of a 20/50/40 day reflexic x:2.5x/2x fractal.

Can quantum saturation macroeconomics predict the exact day before and the day of the historical valuation asset crippling nonlinearity?

Given, the world macroeconomy is in a window of synchronized second fractals dating back to 1788-89 and perhaps earlier to the British hegemony in the late 17th century and given the 99/247 of 247 and 1/2 month first and second Wilshire fractal starting on 12 August 1982, here is the simple math by two methodologies that predicts the last day before the greatest of all world nonlinear equity/commodity collapses.

The Wilshire's  second fractal with 6 May 2010 the flash crash, representative of a Lammert 2x-2.5x second fractal terminal nonlinearity spans 249 days from nodal low to nodal low:  8 July 2009 to 1 July 2010. (The base for this 249 second fractal is an integrated 100 day fractal composed of a  15/37/30/21-23 day :: x/2.5x/2x/1.5x growth and decay fractal with the 15 day base integrated from the terminal portion the prior 16 week decay fractal.(growth begins in decay). The third fractal ideal 2x growth projection is on day 200 :: x/2.5x/2x :: 100/249/200 days or 14 April 2011. This is the predicted final day of growth with a fractal proportionality identical to the 20/50/40 day : x/2.5x/2x 11 October 2007 Wilshire nominal high. An unprecedented  nonlinear crash should commence on 15 April 2011.

A second quantum interpolated averaged  quantum fractal methodology confirms this date.  From the flash crash 6 May 2010 low an averaged 12-/29/23/19 or 80 day idealized x/2.5x/2x/1.6x fractal is completed. Thursday 14 April 2011 represents the second fratcal 2x or 160 day projection of this base. The nonlinear window begins on Friday April 15 2011.

Will a new macroeconomic science be considered as valid  given the relative precision  of these prospective predictions and the objective prospective quantum simple mathematical construct?

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