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Validation of Saturation Macroeconomics: The March 2009 Wilshire 5/13/10 months:; x/2.5x/2x Now Occurring: The Greatest Ever Global Asset Collapse

May 14, 2011 2:41 PM ET
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    Validation of Saturation Macroeconomics: The March 2009 Wilshire 5/13/10 months:; x/2.5x/2x  Now Occurring: The Greatest Ever Global Asset Collapse

2 May 2011 was the Wilshire's secondary peak to its 11 October 2007 nominal high.

 The global macroeconomy is at its historically greatest ever saturation point - saturated with real estate domiciles: the common wage earner's yardstick of wealth, saturated with overvalued hard and paper assets, saturated with massive non repayable debt, saturated with irredeemable entitlement promises,saturated with massively  indebted  college students without prospects, saturated with non wherewithal politicians, and saturated with bad rules that facilitate accumulation of wealth via non societal valued added money skimming by the financial elite class who control those who make the rules.

The breakdown of the Eastern real estate bubble of empty new cities in China and over valued real estate in Australia coincide with the time limited fractal asset valuation growth progression of the system and the CRB's final 19/48/48week  :: x/2.5x/2.5x progression.

The mathematical  laws of saturation macroeconomics are as  simple as they are empirical. The final support of the world central banks to buy massively overvalued assets and sovereign debt in historically great mass quantities has allowed a 90 percent retracement of equities since March 2009. Observe the monthly fractal pathway for the Wilshire:  5/13/10 months, a x/2.5x/2x growth fractal pattern.

 2 May 2011 was the peak day for the Wilshire secondary to its 11 October 2007 nominal peak.  The averaged daily fractal series from the 6 March 2009 low was 92/229.5/229.5 days with 6 days borrowed from the preceding Feb-March 2009 decay fractal and 229.5 day second fractal between the second fractal 6 May 2010 210 day low and the final 2 July 2010 249 day low. The final 2 May 2011 high was formed by an interpolated 33/82/65 day fractal with 10 days of the 33 day first fractal integrated from the preceding 31 August 2011 decay fractal. 

The larger time units have the effect integrating the preceding terminal portions of decay fractals. There are 34 quarters from 1982 to 1990. The fractal pattern from 1990 is 17/34/34 quarters with up to 2 quarters remaining in the potential x/2.5x or 34/83 of 85 quarter first and second 1982 fractal series. Within 2 quarters commodity and equity valuations will undergo historical nonlinear collapse.

For the last 3 years the world central banks have reinforced the general publics' sense of normalcy - a sense that all can be righted or at least mostly maintained with system money manipulation.

But this is a time in history which is very very different. It is a time of peak global macroeconomic saturation - of all elements of the system. To increase the average debt by 3-4 per cent per year over fifty years is one thing but at a time of peak global saturation when much of the preceding debt will not be repaid, to increase the debt by 7-10 percent per year for three years represents a very brief push on a string that is not being advanced at its distal most portion.

With or without central bank intervention, 2 May 2011 retrospectively was the expected time ordered quantum saturation secondary valuation peak. Central bank intervention has maintained constant federal spending which has had a positive multiplier effect on the operating economy and maintained repayment of debt to banks on underwater valuation assets .  This deficit spending has disproportionally and massively benefited those able to manipulate the electronic elements of the system and has resulted in a massive malinvestment and valuation distortion in equities and commodities.

Within the next 8 weeks the Wilshire will fall to a level of less than 4000.

US long term interest rates over the nine weeks will reach 150 year lows.

The CRB will fall below its 2009 nadir value.

 The qualitative conditions matching the quantum asset valuation fractal Global macroeconomic saturation come at an ironic and paradoxical time - the time within a global generation or two of global fossil fuel depletion.  With a period of global deflation occurring concurrently with Rossi's wheel equivalent Nickel LENR discovery, the time period for fossil fuel dependent food production may be extended albeit briefly - with the possibility that the world population will collectively gain satori regarding  the earth's fossil fuel saturation limitations to sustain its human population.

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