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The Nikkei and Wilshire and Global Equity Collapse: The Wilshire's Completed Final Reflexic x/2.5x/2x Saturation Growth Fractal: An Analogous Comparison of the 11 October 2007 and 22 July 2011 Final Reflexic Patterned Valuation Highs. Lammert Saturation

 The Nikkei and Wilshire and Global Equity Collapse: The Wilshire's Completed Final Reflexic x/2.5x/2x Saturation Growth Fractal: An Analogous Comparison of the 11 October 2007 and 22 July 2011 Final Reflexic Patterned Valuation Highs. Lammert Saturation macroeconomic Confirmed : A Patterned Validated Science

The global macroeconomy's total worth and expansion and contraction activity is integrated on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis in its asset valuation growth and decay fractals and follows simple time based quantum laws with money rotating into favored assets ultimately - ultimately dependent on money expansion or contraction. Money expansion in the West equates to debt expansion.

The equity crash with the Wilshire now having completed a  13/30/26 day :: x/2.5x/2x reflexic head and shoulders equivalent top, is now beginning.

The devaluation will be historical.

A similar commodity, gold, and silver valuation collapse will be nonlinear. 

Contracting and  diminishing Tea Party US dollars will be inversely denominated in fixed hard US assets and backed by US military superpower status. The dollar will dramatically rise against the collapsing Euro will have gains for 6-7 years. Long Term US interest rates will plummet to 150 year lows.

 During periods of debt and credit  expansion, equities as an asset class has the most favored status through the self serving trading and tax laws that have lobbied for, paid for, and established over the last 100 years by the Wall Street wealthy elite who own the US political system and manipulate and churn the monetary and credit system to produce wealth exactly equivalent to the real wealth produced by the real economy and real working citizens. 

By the repetitively empirically proven quantitative fractal laws of debt limiting nonstochastic Saturation Macroeconomics, July 2011 was the final month of equity valuation growth for the Nikkei from its February 2009  low with a 6/14-15/11-12 month three phase fractal growth period :: x/2.5x/2x and for the Wilshire from its  March 2009 low following  a 5/13/13 month :: x/2.5x/2.5x maximum quantitative growth fractal.

This July 2011 final growth rests within a 1987 57/129/100 of 121-129 month y/2-2.5y/2-2.5y decay fractal for the 200 percent national debt/GDP Nikkei and within a 1789 70/153 year x/2-2.5x year massive long term first and second fractal series for the US equity system currently represented by the Wilshire.  For the Wilshire within the terminal portion of the 153 year second fractal, the Wilshire is in  terminal portion additionally  of  a 1982-1990/1990-2011 :: 34/84 of 85 quarter x/2-2.5x first and second fractal series.

The nonlinearity in valuation decline will be historical.

The quantitative pattern for the Wilshire exactly matches the ongoing qualitative  political and money/credit contraction aspects of global retrenchment epitomized by the actions of the Republican US Tea Party.

A curtailment of credit expansion fits exactly with the timing of a global collapse of equities and commodities. Are the rich elite's Tea Party contrived political actions, the debt ceiling crises, and the end of QE2 intentionally being timed with the end of a March 2009 natural three phase Lammert countertrend growth equity and commodity fractal?

The Wilshire's nominal peak valuation on 11 October 2007 follows the identical x/2.5x/2x final reflexic growth fractal pattern of the right shoulder 22 July 20011 lower high.

A reflexic fractal of 20/50/40 days x/2.5x/2x reached the 11 October 2007 high on the 40th of the third fractal.

 A reflexic fractal of 13/30/26 days x/2.5x/2x reached the 22 July 2011 lower high on the 26th day of the third fractal. The 13 day first fractal  contained the 30 April 2011 reversal day three year high.

The Wilshire's 9 March 2009 final growth pattern.

The ECCE 25 May 2010 27 day fractal was a transitional second fractal between the 14 day first fractal containing the 6 May flash crash which conformed to an expected nonlinear second fractal terminal event of the 9 March 2009 88/221 day x/2.5x first and second fractal series. The combined third and fourth fractals of a caricatured 14/27/24/20 x/2.5x/2x/1.6x series formed a 43 day base for the final fractal growth series of 43/106/86 days.  After the 106 day second fractal series, caricatured saturation effect distorted the the third growth fractal with periodic valuation collapses forming a technical left shoulder, head, and right shulder technical pattern although a intermediate high valuation did occur on day 85/86 (2x) of the tird fractal. The left shoulder was composed of 32 days with a 18 February 2011 high, the head of 65 days with a 30 April 2011 three high and the left shoulder currently of 31 days with a 22 July 2011 averaged lower high.

Debt expansion in the West is dead - courtesy of the wealthy elite's Tea Party and Republican Party who have enslaved the American Taxpayers to the bondage of the wealthy sovereign debt holders via 50 years of unfunded discretionary spending and 50 years of continuously lowered revenues via lowered taxes on corporations and the wealthy elite.

For 50 years .... for 50 years ...  the US Wealthy Elite who own and are congress have overspent the United States treasury on Wars; the wealthy elite have passed laws to export jobs and US manufacturing overseas to increase their international corporation profiteering and break US wage earner unions; the wealthy elite have steadily whittled their own tax rate on their corporations and their unearned CEO wages and speculative monetary system money skimming; they have created laws to launder and hide their wealth offshore; they have destroyed traditional banking with the repeal of Glass Stegall, they have created laws to allow exponential destabilizing leverage gaming, they have baited and switched the public with temporary tax reductions on themselves that were always, always, always  intended to permanent; the US wealthy elite have passed self serving laws of every type for self aggrandizement without regard to American nationalism and middle class stability. .  The wealthy elite have ruined the country.

The republican party, the Goldman Sachs paid for democrats and Goldman Sachs US treasurers and presidential economic advisers always always  represent the wealthy elite's interests.

And now that their politicians have rebankrolled them, now that their coffers are fulled via first money use and scammed 100's of billions over the the last years - while the common citizen scrapes by or loses his home; now that the wealthy elite have the greatest  percentage of national wealth; now  he Elite have created and funded the Republican Tea Party  to pull the rug from under the system, rape nondiscretionary and specifically tax funded programs, and perpetually enslave wage earners to forever pay off the wealthy elite bond holder's debt that they and their politicians  have produced over fifty years via unfunded discretionary spending.