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The Great Equity Crash of 2011: the Wilshire Giveth and the US Thirty Year Bond Receivith

28 September 2011: The Great Global Equity Crash of 2011: The Wilshire Giveth, the US 30 Year Bond Receivith

For the S and P downgraded US Bond and US Ten Year Note:

18.5/47/1 of 31-47 days :: x/2.5x/1.6-2.5x ....  on to 150 year historically low interest rates.

For the Wilshire:

11/27 of 28 days with a nonlinear gap between day 22 and 23 (2x and 2.5x the base of 11 days) and further and further and further ....descent.

  To form the final 34/85 of 85 quarter 1982 Wilshire first and second decay fractal low.....