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Gold's Peak 7 October 2009

7 October 2009 Gold's Peak: the US Dollar's Base Fractal?

Gold's proxy leveraged speculation vehicle XAU completed a 74/148 day fractal sequence on 7 October 2009. With Federal Reserve controlled zero interest rate US treasury policy, speculation in paper stock derivatives and commodity futures has been rampant with gold eurphoria completing a 19/48/48 week fractal sequence.  XAU's base fractal of 74 is longer than the Wilshire's 71 day base.

For the US dollar a 2/5/4/3 day fractal with a small reversal day on day 3 of the fourth fractal is observed.

America is a debt saturated, asset saturated, entitlement saturated economically dying Ponzi creature paracitised by entities having easy access to its Central Bank instacredit leverage game.