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The Federal Reserve is Wall Street; Wall Street is the Federal Reserve

A simple aphoristic syllogism: The Federal Reserve is Wall Street; Wall Street is the Federal Reserve

The Federal Reserve is the Wall Street Central Bank: WSCB

Gold's quantum weekly and monthly fractals

The Federal Reserve was an agency created about 5 score years ago by the elite of Wall Street and a few of world's financial leaders. Its purpose was and is to maintain the wealth system of the extremely wealthy and adjust the game rules of the monetary system to further expand the extreme wealth of those elite few - all without real labor - just with very easy manipulations of the money system and its derivatives. With the Wall Street Central Bank's  manipulations, assets bubbles are spawn and the Wall Street Financial Machine makes huge gains on absolute changes in valuations, no matter whether they are higher or lower. 

As to its well propagandized purpose of price stability and full employment; Wall Street's Central Bank is plainly a failure.  Price stability for the masses is defined in changing and selective parameters to best game the ongoing conditions.  The predictable aftermath of asset bubble creation has always been debt, oversupply, unemployment, and war.  Wall Street's Central Bank oversaw the 1930's great depression of leveraged debt, oversupply, extreme unemployment, and World War 2.  Wall Street and its Central Bank came out on top buying assets in the 30's for pennies on the dollar and having war profits to speculate in the initial growth period of the 1950's expanding rapid growth equity markets.

 In the last two years all repetively and often published obfuscation by the elite's owned press that the Federal Reserve's purpose is promotion of American citizen interests has cleared. The Federal Reserve exists to promote the financial stability, health, welfare, and accumulation of more wealth by the Wall Street Machine. When Wall Street's Central Bank provided full redemption mulligans for the Wall Street Machine,  the syllogism resonated with a new truth for citizens: The Federal Reserve is Wall Street.

The Central Bank's much self promoted and often self reported success in the prevention of systematic financial collapse was in reality the prevention of the collapse of the leveraged Wall Street Financial Industry which is the Central Bank.

Gold and Platinum and Commodities Quantum Fractals.

For the first time the WSCB is adding massive ex nihilo debt to its ledgers. This has fueled paper or more correctedly electronic  asset over valuations in the equity and commodity markets with gold being the primary benefactor.  The leading propagandist for WSCB has repetitively used the terms success to describe money action/policy in reflating the speculative bubble; perhaps now to be retrofitted in terms of newly defined price stability.

Platinum has currently completed a 11/28/22 week fractal :: x/2.5x/2x and gold a 11/27/22 week fractal :: x/2.5x/2x.  The 11 weeks composing the first fractal are curvilinear where growth begin in the terminal decay portion. 

This can be easily observed on the monthly charts as 3/8/6 months  x/2.5x/2x. For the CRB the first 3 month fractal is down going:: 3/8/6. x/2.5x/2x

An ideal low for metals and the CRB would be in about 17 weeks completing a 11/27-28/22/16-17 week fractal and matching a 3/8/6/4 monthly fractal.

A 16-17 week devaluation in equities would result in a completion of the transportation index 13/30/26/19-20 month fractal.

If the devolution of equity and commodity assets is great enough over the next 16-17 weeks, perhaps the Central Bank side of WSCB will have more leverage with the elected representatives.

Wall Street Central Bank's ability to create debt unbacked by value is nearly infinite. The proposed 4 trillion debt ceiling has the same boundary meaning as the national debt ceiling.  A vote from elected officials quickly remedy all arbitrary limits.

For the United States with its entitlements, shrinking capacity to produce items marketable to the world, and its majority position  of government directly or indirectly funded jobs, Wall Street's Central Bank provides a means of extending the life cycle of a long in the tooth republic and thus either it or more unlikely a substitute will provide the necessary funding service.

If Wall Street's Central Bank continues to exist, the elite wealthy profiting from the bank's money system will become disproportionately yet more wealthy.