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Quantitative Saturation Macroeconomics - A Confirmed New Science

Saturation Macroeconomics - A Confirmed New Science

The tertiary high to the Wilshire's  (nominal) 11 October 2007 high was completed  in a x/2x/2x interpolated daily growth fractal period of  27/55/54 days. The Wilshire's secondary high was on 19 May 2008. From the Wilshire's 1998 low a 46/91 month fractal forms the y/2-2.5y//1.6-2.5y monthly decay fractal series that will bring the Wilshire in alignment with US debt dependent GDP realities.  The real GDP-dollar purchasing adjusted high for Wilshire was  23 March 2000.

Quantitative Yearly Fractal Analysis confirms higher valuation trends in the US dollar and long term US debt instruments which exactly matches the qualitative necessary inexorable deflationary forces that  will vice-grip contract the real economy over the next seven years with ongoing debt default, continuing property and commercial real estate devaluation, state and corporate entitlement default or reorganization, continuing loss of jobs and loss of extended benefits.

In this deflationary scenario the US dollar, against other western currencies, is poised to have a 7 year fractal growth valuation period. US long term interest rates  likewise will have a 7 year growth period with historically low interest rate returns.