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Saturation Macroeconomics: Predicting the Exact Sequence of Collapse

The Wilshire's Great y/2.5y/2.5y Weekly Decay Fractal:: 34-35/84-87/78-82 of 84-87 Weeks The Nikkei's Great y/2y/2y Monthly Decay Fractal: 10/20/20 Months

What is the daily decay  fractal time course of the commodity and equity devolution, and will the lows be below the March 2009 lows?

As of 1 May 2010 the likely daily fractal decay pattern for the Wilshire, FTSE, and Niikkei is 8/10 of 20/13 - 20 days.

26 April had a probable foot print of a final Wilshire high with a minutely gapped high at the beginning of trading day and ending near the low. Tuesday 27 April was the nonlinear day that was predicted for Monday 26 April in the last posting.

The CRB is following a 19/44 of 48-49 week fractal. The second fractal's nonlinear weekly window matches a longer 34/70 of 68-72 monthly first and second fractal sequence. The valuation devolution dv/dt  nonlinearity will be striking.

The US ten year note and debt instruments are currently being and will be the recipient of money exiting the equity  and commodity markets. The US ten year note is beginning a blow off pattern of 15/6 of 30/6 days which will take interest rates to below the December 2008 valuations.

 From the last posting: the February 2009 US treasury data showed US debt to be 6579 billion with the Federal Reserve Banks owning 582 billion of federal debt securities HELD BY THE PUBLIC.  13 months later at the end of March 2010, US debt was 8290 billion with the Federal Reserve owning 776 billion of US Treasury securities LENT TO DEALERS  and not collateralized by other securities.

What has been effect of the financial industry's US Federal Reserve's massive electronic ledger buying and 'positioning' in the US treasury market? Will the Federal Reserve's financial industry buy these treasuries from their monopoly banking partners with the same profits they make exiting the Federal Reserve's produced recent 19/43 of 48-49 week commodity and equity bubble?

This would be an interesting scenario to artificially expand debt and later 'legitimize' it through 'dealers'' buying. In this financial collaborative game, the Federal Reserve artificially created ledger debt for 'its agents' to hold in a noncollateralized way, and later to have that debt purchased by the same agents with profits made by exiting from a Federal Reserve induced commodity and equity paper bubble.  Wealth is transferred from the unwary citizen who, making nothing in their saving accounts, are finally  driven by financial necessity and with enticement by the financial industry's news arm which has created maximum euphoria. These citizens make a late entry into the financial industry's Wall Street equity and commodity game in the valuation saturation area, the distribution area, just before the nonlinear devolution.

Gold is following the following fractal series:
 4/9/8/7 weeks first fractal base with a low to low valuation of 23-24 weeks
The second fractal is at week 55. Gold is in its nonlinear devalution 2-2.5x second fractal window ( and a larger 18/44 of 44-45 month first and second fractal month window). The long term fractal series of gold provides the pathway for long term devolution and matches the 25 year NIKKEI devolution pattern.

The real economy continues its necessary deflationary collapse as housing prices  - without the very analogous cash for clunker 8000 dollar rebate for an overvalued house relative to real wage economic activity - continue appropriate devaluation, commercial real estate follows the private sector, states' property tax based revenues decrease, and private citizens are forced to either default or pay banks back excessive money the banks did have in their vaults to lend.

Observe the evolution of the monthly equity, commodity, and debt asset valuation patterns. It is the evolution of  these valuation patterns that defines the constraints of outstanding debt on further borrowing and further economic expansion.