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Debt Dependent Saturation Macroeconomics: The Wlshire's Final Lower High Three Phase Growth Series

8-10/18-20/6 days :: The Wilshire's Final Lower High Three Phase Growth Series.

The Wilshire is completing a 97 month 14/35/28/23 ::  x/2.5x/2x/1.6x growth and decay sequence which is a second fractal to a 47 month first base fractal beginning in October 1998.  A historical second fractal nonlinear event is at the threshold.

The Wlshire is also completing a 35/88/87 of 88 week  decay sequence that includes its predicted 11 October 2007 nominal valuation peak.  Within this decay sequence is an interpolated 35/83/81 week :: x/2-2.5x/.2-2.5x final decaying saturation growth phase. the third fractal is composed of two subfractal series 7/16/19 weeks and 9/23/23 weeks with a final high on the 12th week of the current 23 week third fractal or on 26 April 2010. this also the 81st week of the 35/83/81 week decaying growth fractal series.

The 23 week series are composed of two subfractal series a 14/30/34 day series and a 8-10/18-20/6 of 12 to 20 day series. The 8/20/6 day sequence is observed easily in the NIKKEI futures with the defining  nonlinear break between day 16 and 17 of the second fractal.

This 8-10/18-20/6  day fractal series is the last three phase growth series for the Wilshire which will be interpolated in the 35/88/87 of 88 week decay sequence.  

A sequential second fractal synchronized great nonlinear ending is in ante room just out of site for global equities and commodities.

In this citizen, corporate, local and state government debt dependent valuation collapse, the wealthy who hold sovereign debt backed by the national currency system and the ongoing and future labor and taxes of the working citizens will be 'winners'.  The citizens of the world have been  enserfed by first the debts associated with the asset valuation bubble created by the wealthy and their financial industry and secondly by their 'obligations' to pay the wealthy owners of the nations' sovereign debt