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December 2009 revisited: the Nikkei 26/65 of 65 months: Second Fractal Nonlinearity

August 2010: the Nikkei: the 65th month of a 26/65 Month x/2.5x First and Second Fractal

Matching Monthly Copper and Nikkei Quantum Lammert Fractals: The Global Commodity and Equity Second Fractal Devolution Pathway  0 comments
Dec 19, 2009 10:24 AM

19 December 2009

Last week completed the 90th week of an extended 35+/89/90 week :: x/2,5x/2.5x+ fractal series for the US, Euro, and Nikkei composite indices.

For the US CRB futures from the March 2009 lows a 19/48 week first and second fractal series was completed with a second fractal characteristic nonlinear gap between the 45th and 46th weeks of the 48 week second fractal completed in early June. On a daily basis nonlinear gaps downward are observed on the 44th, 45th, and 46th weeks.

The US CRB's third fractal has began with a 22 day or 5 week base, followed by the incipient portion of a second fractal of 12/(5/9of 10 days) or12/13 days.

For the Wilshire from its March 2009 lows, a 19/47 first and second fractal series is observed as a self organized saturation curve, optimally using the available investment money. The characteristic second fractal nonlinear break between 2x and 2.5x occurred on May 6 of week 44 of the 47 week second fractal. Since the second fractal's 47 week May 25 low, the Wilshire has initiated a third fractal completed a lower low 6 week first subfractal base followed by a incipient 6 week second fractal.

The 6 week or 27 day lower low first base of the Wilshire's third fractal corresponds to the lower low of the absolutely perfect 8/20 day fractal of the Nikkei futures where the nonlinear second fractal break can be observed between the 16th and the 17th day.  The lower low valuation of the incipient 27 day first base belies the future valuation growth failure of the 19/47/2x series resting within the confines of the Nikkei 26/65 of 65 month fractal.

Valuation smaller growth within the dominant mathematical confines of larger second fractal decay.

Expect unexpected nonlinear valuation collapse of commodities and equities as the available speculative money supply implodes, overvalued and overproduced assets remain, and service type of jobs to support the fabricated debt of those overproduced and overvalued assets declines.

All of the financial macroeconomic system is geared to protect the elite: the bondholders of sovereign debt. What is very needed now is not financial engineers but useful job engineers and citizen debt liquidation engineers.

Perhaps the the Federal Reserve Chairman's  helicopter policy coupled  with new useful job engineers is exactly what the global citizens need to maintain a stable geopolitcosocialmilitary economic system.