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The Nikkei's 2 to 2.5x Nonlinear Second Fractal Window 54 to 67-68 Days. Ecce The Nikkei 27/59 of 67-68 days

The Nikkei's 2 to 2.5x Nonlinear Second Fractal Window 54 to 67-68 Days Ecce The Nikkei 27/59 of 67-68 days

Is this the great nonlinear break area for the Nikkei or will there be a reflexic higher high 39/97/54-68-97 day :: x/2.5x/2.5x extension fractal The 97 day second fractal is composed of  the current 27/68 day fractal with potential 2 days shared with the preceding 39 day fractal.

Monday  27 September is day 59 of a 67-68 day second fractal and rest in the 2x -2.5x :: 54-67.5 day second fractal terminal window with a 27 day first fractal base composed of a perfectly proportioned  8/20 day first and second subfractal base.

October 2010 is month 66, one month beyond  a 26/65:: x/2.5x month fractal.

1.5 trillion dollars have been added to the US Central Bank Parker Bros Monopoly Game balance sheet. Behind the added electronic money rests a housing-available- commercial real estate available saturated US economy, underwater mortgage payers living paycheck to paycheck, a time of growing and massive entitlement payouts, and a  deteriorating lower wage US economy ultimately competing with low wage Asian and Asian subcontinent  labor.

The Central Bank's 1.5 trillion dollar electronic expansion has produced malinvestment with financial industry speculators having access to near zero rates magic money driving up commodity prices far beyond the levels that the real economy would support. The final 78 to 97 day third fractal reflexic blow-off could produce gas prices again above four dollars.

Defacto the Central Bank, financial industry, GSA mortgage industry, and real estate industry have systematically enslaved America's middle class with overvalued mortgage debt. Now the Central bank and financial industry  are now finishing off America's middle class by facilitating financial industry speculation. How high will gasoline prices be in December 2010?

After the October 2010 equity deluge, because of US central bank ex nihilo US debt purchases and facilitated low interest rates private holders of US treasury debt will enter the equity market in mass. Facilitated malinvestment has weakened the fabric of America and real economy to the breaking point.