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URBN Is The Stock To Pick

|Includes: Urban Outfitters, Inc. (URBN)

Urban Outfitters Inc. is a company that has built its way from the group up. They were founded in 1970. The company was formed as two young entrepreneurs came up with the idea of a store designed for college students that would sell inexpensive clothes, and items for dorms or apartments. After pooling their money together, they opened The Free People Store in Philadelphia, near the University of Penn, with second hand clothing, fabrics, furniture, jewelry, etc…

They started as a small shop and have since grown internationally. Their home office is located in Philadelphia, PA. The company is a part of five retail brands; Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, Free People, Bhldn, and Terrain. They have hundreds of retail location, as well as online retail, and even Free People Wholesale, which is seen in countless retail stores small to large.

Each store has a unique clientele. For example "Urban Outfitters stores offer women's and men's fashion apparel, footwear, beauty, accessories, sporting apparel and gear, as well as an eclectic mix of apartment wares and gifts to young adults aged 18 to 28. The Anthropologie stores product assortment includes women's casual apparel and accessories, shoes, home furnishings, and various gifts and decorative items to women aged 25 to 45. Terrain stores provide lifestyle home and garden products combined with antiques, live plants, flowers, wellness products, etc…"(URBN profile, yahoo finance).

Picking retail stocks to invest in has been considered risky due to investors being unable to predict the success of businesses depending on purchasing trends. Urban Outfitters Inc, URBN, has been one of the major retail companies in question when investors are looking at retail stock selections! There have been many controversies over whether this was the stock to take a risk on or not.

It did not help the company's stock when some of Urban Outfitters Inc company practices were brought into question. This was mainly due to their short shifts and on-call policy for staff, requiring them to set aside time and wait until two hours before the start of the shift to see if they are required to work or not.

Despite those setbacks, Urban Outfitters has really managed to surprise investors this year this year thus far! Despite some controversies surrounding their company's product, Urban Outfitters Inc was up 12% in the fourth quarter compared to other retailers in the industry. I would not be discouraged when looking to purchase URBN stock! Setbacks are part of the retail game and URBN has proven to perform extremely well in spite of them.

In fact, Urban Outfitters Inc was chosen as one of the 'good choices" in retail stock to invest in! Urban outfitters is a company offers a very diverse selection to the Apparel Stores Industry! It clearly has an advantage over its competitors because of its product diversity.

Just as well, Urban Outfitters Inc has significantly increased their net sales in each brand of their company over the last year, leading them to reach a record net sales of $1.01 billion. Stocks have reached their all time high and its among the best performing S&P stocks in 2015! I believe the company really has some of the strongest fundamentals in the industry! Urban Outfitters has absolutely proven to be a very promising retail stock to invest in the 2015 year.