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Strange Comparison of Unemployment Numbers.

The Weekly Unemployment Reports of;
Last week of December 2009
Last week of December 2010

Last year's SA (seasonally adjusted) number for this week was 454,000 and NSA (non seasonally adjusted) was 556,000. That was a SA of -18.3%.

This years SA number for this week is 388,000 and the NSA is 521,000.
That is a SA of -25.5%.

This does not make much sense since it shows that the actual numbers are lower than last year's, but not by very much. Yet the reporting of the numbers is twisted to make it appear much lower, due to the huge seasonal adjustments that the Department of Labour is using.

Do they think that we are stupid?
Do they actually think that this will not be noticed?
If it is noticed, will people care? This is the crux of the matter, is it not? Just blatantly fudge the numbers since no one seems to care anyway!

Welcome to the new "fraudulent" normal.