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A New Car.

The last two weeks of Summer holidays. The lazy, hazy, dog days of Summer before the change of Autumn and the cold winds of Winter. It will be a fractious financial change this Fall with a piercing financial wind to accompany the coming Winter.
The US is now a hollow vestige of it's former self with massive debts, insolvency everywhere you turn, a destroyed banking system, underwater mortgages, home loan delinquencies, foreclosures that continue unabated, house prices falling, plummeting tax revenues, defaults on loans for commercial real estate rising, defaults on credit card/personal loans, the FDIC's 2Q report could reveal that up to 1000 banks could fail, Treasury has requested an extension limit to $12.1 trillion, The USD continues it's five month down trend, the ten year Treasury note yield is knocking on the 4% door, lax or non existent accounting standards, the rule of contract law being ignored - even by the government, rampant corruption reaching to high levels, massive unemployment that is expected to go much higher, an eroded/downsized industrial base, but what the heck, everyone can drive a new car and get rid of their clunker in the deal!

Disclosure: No position. Not even a new car!