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Great Events Are Hard To Come By



In my 12 plus years of experience in the alternative investment industry, I have taken part in a number of good events and a few great events.  With the additional responsibilities I have undertaken as a thought leader at Houlihan Smith & Company, Inc., I haven’t had the time to get out and participate and enjoy events in a fair amount of time.  The Commodity Investment World USA Conference this past December made the wait well worth it.  The conference was an exciting and informative event that could have set the standard for being well organized.  The distinguished speakers included Laurence B. Siegel of the Ford Foundation, Michael Dubin of the LongChamp Group, Tom Heck of the Ball State University Foundation, Francois Bonnin of John Locke Investments, and Brad Cole of Cole Asset Management.

I would like to personally thank Idan Deutsch for informing me about this excellent event.  The speakers raised my awareness on many issues currently facing the commodities industry and enhanced the level of service I was able to provide my clients.  The speakers were exceptionally well versed in the intricate operations of commodities investing from both an investor’s perspective and also an advisors perspective.  Brad Cole of Cole Partners Asset Management and Michael Dubin of the LongChamp Group offered key insights into asset management and investment strategies.  The questions the attendees were asking the speakers were even more impressive.  The attendees inspired the speakers to go beyond general explanations, which instantly elevated the discussion to reflect the hands on skills they could have only developed through operating in an experienced practice.

As an industry expert I was not only engaged by the speakers, but I was also refreshed by the audiences understanding of the complex nature of commodity investing and trading.  I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at the 2008 Commodity Investment World USA Conference in New York and look forward to experiencing similar unique opportunities in the future.